Step 5: Bees

Place the cookies on top of the cupcakes, sugared side up. Press into frosting to seal any gaps. Arrange 5 cupcakes on platter in a center row. Then place four cupcakes in a row on each side to create honeycomb effect. Level cookies so they touch at the sides and check for gaps between cookies and frosting.

Make the bees

Put yellow and black frosting into ziplock bags and tin snip small hole in corner.  Pipe 12 random black dots over cookies. Attach jellybeans to dots. Pipe a zigzag line of yellow frosting on top of jellybeans. Add 2 sliced almonds as wings. Pipe a black dot of frosting for the head and a small pulled dot for stinger. 

Just before serving, spoon 2 to 3 teaspoons of honey into center of each honeycomb.
<p>Brillant Bee idea !! :) ...looks amaaaaazing!!</p>
<p>It's so lovely. I sing up for making this comment : ) ★</p>
wicked cool
so lovely.
These are so pretty!
This looks awesome! I'm definitely going to make this for an upcoming family reunion. Thank you for sharing your brilliant idea. :)
so cute!
those are cool! except for my irrational fear of bees would make me nervous eating these!
These are bee-utiful (sorry ... couldn't resist). They sound quite wonderful, too. Since I'm an inveterate 'fiddler', it occurs to me that, before frosting the cupcakes, I'd be tempted to inject about a tablespoonful of honey into the center of each cupcake, then proceed as you did. The bees were truly inspired ... using almond slices for wings was a brilliant idea. Nice job!<br>*&not;&loz;<br>
very cute, non-intimidating bees. lol! i love the borders!
These bee cupcakes are so adorable! Just love it.
Cool idea. I think this would nice for butter tarts
Oh dear.<br><br>Seconded!

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