Bee Hive Door





Introduction: Bee Hive Door

Had some scrape wood laying around that needed to have use. So i built a quick door for my bee hive.

Step 1: Cut, Cut, Cut, and Cut

Used 2 pieces of wood and got all the measurements needed for a good size hole. I had to make a few cuts to go over the waterer. I wanted the trim to look as good as good can be and to cover the length of the hive.

Step 2: Connection & Fitting

So I went back and pre fitted everything before stapling it together. I use a wider bottom piece so that when I put that under the top box of the hive, the outer piece will stop that in place. This way I don't get it pushed back to far into the hive.

Step 3: Put Down & Done

So I finished what I sought out to build and it came out great. Thank you for checking this project of mine out. I really appreciate it.



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    Could you post some pictures of the door working? I can't figure out how it works.

    I will get some pics to put up the next nice day we here and I'll see about getting a little video as well.