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Introduction: Bee House

this is a bee house i just built.  Apparently a lot of solitary bees are dying due to not being able to find proper homes for their young.  Used untreated wood and bamboo stalks.



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    These would be for mason bees. They put in an egg and cap it, continuing to do so until the tube is filled. The first egg to hatch is always a male!

    What size are the holes?

    I live on 3 acres and would love to place these all over the place. I have 2 very large dogs and I dont want them knocking these over, so I am wondering how high can I put these before the bees will not use them? I have gardens all over and .5 arce is wild roses. I do see alot of bees out there but I would really like to help the little guys have a home and not freeze in canada. anybody know the answer?

    Hey Fiona..I placed two three inch lag screws in mine, thus securely bolted to the fence. I think five feet should be no problem at all, as long as they face the sun for most of the day. I am going to post pics etc of my bee - butterfly - hummingbird sanctuary this spring

    This is great - did you follow any particular plan, or just make it up as you went along?

    just made it up....dimensions were dictated by what material i had laying around...come spring i am going to plant a bee-butterfly-humming Bird friendly garden..mud bath and all...thank you for the positive comment Kiteman

    Cool - make sure you take plenty of photos as you go with your garden plans - it's a popular subject, and the site sometimes has gardening contests.

    will do...because i have already designed my watering hole for both the bees and butterflies..seems like when you build a bee sanctuary (mini-one) you also build a butterfly friendly habitat...I am going to cut out the lawn this weekend and prep the soil for early spring you might sense..i am quite excited about building this...

    Cool. I look forward to the results.

    Coincidentally, I made one of these last weekend, although not as elaborate as yours.
    I'll post a pic in the next day or two.