Beef Up the Assault Rifle in Halo 1





Introduction: Beef Up the Assault Rifle in Halo 1

Now, the Halo 1 assault rifle may be one of the greatest weapons of all time, but sometimes I feel it needs a little more kick. To fix this problem, There are some easy steps to change the sound, reticule, accuracy, damage, and maybe even the look of this gun.


Step 1: Open HMT

Ooen up Halo Map tools and find any map, single or multiplayer.

Step 2: Change the Sound FX

Once a map is open, select the [effe] Effects tab, and scroll down to find vehicles/warthog/effects/warthog gun fire, and copy the numbers in the box on the top left, otherwise known as the meta.

Then, find weapons/assault rifle/effects/fire bullet and copy the meta into the box. Press save.

Step 3: Increase Damage

Scroll Down to the [ipt!] damage tag, and select the weapons/assault rifle/bullet tag. Change the damage to the following:

Minimum Damage 20
Maximum Damage(Min) 30
Maximum Damage(Max) 30

Step 4: Increase Accuracy

Go to the [weap] Weapons tab and find weapons/assualt rifle/assault rifle. Scroll down to the bottom and click on the projectile bar. Select projectile 0, and set the min and max spread to 0.

Then, go back up to where it says zoom, and put in one of these two settings:
Zoom levels 1 or 2
Minimum Zoom 2 or 2
Maximum Zoom 2 or 8


There will be no zoom mask using either of these settings, it does not affect gameplay, but it will not look like a conventional zoom with parts of your field of view blocked. There will be a full field of view as usual, just zoomed in.

Step 5: Alter Reticle

Find the [bitm] Bitmap tag, and scroll down to find the ui/hud/bitmaps/combined/hud_reticles, and either save the texture and edit it yourself, or replace it with the file below.

Step 6: Change Texture

Find the bitmap for the assault rifle (weapon/assault rifle/fp/bitmaps/assault rifle_fp), which is found under the [bitm] bitmap section, and either replace it with the file below or save the texture and edit it to your own liking.

Step 7: The End!

The assault rifle has been beefed up, and should properly be called the combat rifle, being stronger and more combat ready.



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Nice. Now you need to make it fire sniper rounds. Or Fuel Rod rounds. That would be interesting.

Thats easy- Just swap the Projectile in the Projectile tab to what ever it is you want to shoot. Copy the meta from one and paste it into another, then press save. Check out the Frag Rifle, I made one shoot grenades.

i made the warthog turret shoot plasmas and if you throw a frag you throw a spartan

yes it is extremely devastating and useful if you want a pesky vehicle using killer (a guy that uses oly cars to kill) to quit

pesky or annoying ur choice

They are rather easy to dodge and plasma nade :P

true, but not if your sniping

If you are sniping you should be far enough away not to get run over :P