Beekeeping Business




Introduction: Beekeeping Business


For the Jack Daniels Independence project If given the opportunity I would use the $25,000 to boost the business I have been attempting to start for the past two years and saving for over five. I have the experience and skills required to begin a business and sustain it, I am just lacking the capital to start it. I have a real passion for beekeeping as I believe it is absolutely fascinating. The importance of bees to our environment and life can not be understated. The use of bees for pollination is a service many of our farmers across the US depend on every year and the number of active and commercial beekeepers in the business is dwindling. I have several friends who are commercial beekeepers who have assisted me and offer continuing assistance throughout the life of my hopeful business. This $25,000 would change my life and the future of my honey business.

DOB 02/04/1989  352-243-9442



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