This instructable is for building a cart to hold a 2 frame honey extracting barrel, 5 gallon honey bucket with strainer.
  And a metal bucket to hold the capped wax.
   This came about last year when i harvested honey, and dragged all the frames back to the garage to uncap them this as messy and labor intensive.  So i needed something that could secure the extracting barrel when spinning  the frames. And that i could drag it to the hives and extract the honey at the hives this should be easier on both me and the bee's.

Step 1: Stuff You Will Need

bungee cord
honey extractor 5 gallon bucket
honey strainer
wire mesh
A U Bolt


painting stuff

Interesting setup. I really like it. You could do the same thing with crush and strain if you wanted, but that would just take longer to drain the honey.
Crush and strain?? how do you do that?
<p>I did crush and strain for my first year. The big problem is it takes the bees a lot of honey to replace the wax that you destroy.</p><p>The next year I borrowed an extractor and it moved much smoother.</p>
This is a great idea, but the problem you will run into is when you start extracting honey ANYWHERE near a beehive, you will initiate what is referred to as a &quot;robbing frenzy&quot;. Basically the bees will all go insane trying to collect all the extra &quot;free&quot; honey. Your best bet is to build another cart and just load each honey super with all it's frames onto the cart and, once you have all your honey supers, roll them to your nifty extractor cart in a &quot;bee-proof&quot; area. Extract, then give each super back to the bees to clean them up and then store them for the winter. BEWARE THE ROBBING FRENZY!
well i hate to tell you, but none of what you just said happened. There was no feeding frenzy or robbing frenzy, when i extracted the honey using this cart. <br>i plan on adding wheels this year and extracting like this from now on. <br> <br> Extracting the honey like this was much much much easier i did it right next to the other hives. <br> <br>The first time i harvest honey i took the frames out, and extracted the honey in my barn, this was awful the bees swarmed my barn took weeks to get them all out of there. Grabbing hands full of bees and put them into a bucket, pouring them back in there hives. <br> <br> Using this cart and extracting them at the hives, was SOOO much faster and easier. <br> <br>First i take off the top super with the lid on, take the lid off and take the inner cover, and put it back on top of the hive stack. Keep the top on top of the super your extracting. <br> <br> Then pop off the lid pull out a frame, slide off the inner cover shake them back into the hive. <br>Then after i extract all the honey i put all the frames back in the super and put it back. after the empty the super of the left over honey i usually take off the top supers for winter leaving just the 2 boxes. <br> <br> <br>
please video!
Nice idea! Thanks for sharing this instructable.

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