Like Beer? Wear bangles, bracelets or bits and bobs? 

Time for some booze based beautification of your wrists... Or y'know just being a trashy wee bizzum... 

This one was definitely a "lets see if this works" plan... The result fits in well with my weird collection of wrist junk and other adornments, including random cords, the net from a wine bottle, some wire bracelets, a smattering of "bar skank beads" (My friends are charming) and part of a girls dress...

*Time to re-evaluate your life Adam, signed: Everyone*

Oh yeah and a bangle I can't remove and don't know how I got on, it simply won't fit back over the bones in my hand... 

Anyway dead simple to make and the perfect way to lower the tone of your jewellery collection... 

Odd note - Carlsberg isn't by any means my favourite beer, I don't mind it but it's too weak and watery, the cans just so happened to be all over the place last week and gave me the idea...

Step 1: You'll Need...

Not much really... 

 - A beer can or any can
 - A knife
 - Scissors
 - A ruler or a straight edge of something solid (I used the slide out writing board on my desk as a clamp by lifting it)
 - Pliers (You could probably manage with your hands anyway but it'd be way easier with them)
 - A distinct disregard for your dignity and sense of class
how delightful!
Cheers :)
hobo-fashion is it?
I prefer tramp-chic :P
awesome! you drink it, you spill it, you fall in love with it.... and now you can even wear it!! what next?!
Umm I know what happened next... But I'm kind of ashamed... :p
Congratulations! These are so cute. Love how you captured the logo on it.
Thanks :) Wanna do it with other cans too, see which ones work best...
Very nice. :D
Thanks... Both of us have 99 'ibles... I suppose I better do something crazy awesome for my next project...
Oh my... don't forget to enter this stylish, high-fashion, dignity-disregarding bangle in the <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Green-Guide/" rel="nofollow">Green Challenge</a>&nbsp;!
Thanks, hadn't remembered about it... I was too busy being classy...
lol... yes, I noticed. ;-)

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