Step 6: Fold in the Edge

On the longer edge lift it up and fold the edge over, so there's not a cut edge on the outside any more. 

To do this start the fold with pliers then press it along with your thumb, in the image you can see the plier mark I started it with. 
how delightful!
Cheers :)
hobo-fashion is it?
I prefer tramp-chic :P
awesome! you drink it, you spill it, you fall in love with it.... and now you can even wear it!! what next?!
Umm I know what happened next... But I'm kind of ashamed... :p
Congratulations! These are so cute. Love how you captured the logo on it.
Thanks :) Wanna do it with other cans too, see which ones work best...
Very nice. :D
Thanks... Both of us have 99 'ibles... I suppose I better do something crazy awesome for my next project...
Oh my... don't forget to enter this stylish, high-fashion, dignity-disregarding bangle in the <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Green-Guide/" rel="nofollow">Green Challenge</a>&nbsp;!
Thanks, hadn't remembered about it... I was too busy being classy...
lol... yes, I noticed. ;-)

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