Introduction: Beer Bottle Cap Magnets

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These are easy, fast refrigerator magnets, great for gifts or just for fun. If you want to buy some from me, here is the link to buy them:

I hope you enjoy this Instructable!

Step 1: Materials

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What you'll need:

Beer bottle cap

Thin slice of cork (it's easier to buy them at a craft store then cut your own)

Hot glue


Step 2: Cutting the Cork

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Begin by cutting your cork into thin slices (unless you bought them instead).

Tip: use a clip to hold your cork in place while you cut it.

Step 3: Glueing

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Use hot glue to glue the cork inside the beer bottle cap, then glue the magnet onto the cork. You need the cork in between because hot glue does NOT stick to beer bottle caps or cork, I've tried many times.

Step 4: Finished

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Your beer bottle cap magnets are now finished! Enjoy.


Battlespeed (author)2015-12-18

You can also flip them over, fill with resin and some small "findings" or chochki's, gluing the magnet to the back.

Nice idea! If you ever get around to making it, post a picture!

nateO (author)2015-12-09

Neat. I made something similar but I used shelf liner across the back. Your idea is a lot simpler and more user friendly

GordonH2 (author)nateO2015-12-10

Maybe it's just luck, but all the bottle caps we've done it with are magnetic. Magnets hold on to fridge and bottle cap. No glue or cork required.

True, but then the magnet can always come out, so the glue just keeps it in there.

clubmanualidades (author)2015-12-11

nice job

Thanks for the feedback!

chrischampion (author)2015-12-27

You definitely need "something" between the cap and the magnet because the cap is too deep, but I find two magnets does the trick, and because the cap is metallic, you only need a bit of hot glue surrounding the magnets to keep them from separating (one staying on the fridge)

Kreat0r (author)2015-12-14

very creative!

BigWeezy (author)2015-12-10

I've honestly have been fine just gluing the magnet to the cap, since the cap is also magnetic, it disperses and makes the whole cap the magnet

Kozmicblues69 (author)2015-12-10

The use of cork is so clever! I usually fill the bottle cap with hot glue... it works perfectly but it's a waste of glue.... Thanks for the idea! I'll try it!

ErkanK (author)2015-12-10

Good job!!!

ucandoitcraft (author)2015-12-10

I like this idea! I'll offer my husband to start a beer cap collection on a fridge :)

LaysDIY (author)2015-12-10

nice job!

robertchambers (author)2015-12-10

Seems pretty easy. Will try it when drunk.

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