Super Easy Beer Bottle Cap Stone Chip Pendant





Introduction: Super Easy Beer Bottle Cap Stone Chip Pendant

Hey Fellows,

Now this is something very different than what you had seen me doing (The Lamps and lighting stuff :-) ). Change is necessary for creative juices to flow :) isn't it?. So this time I got my hands into some jewelry making. Long back I made this iBle as favorite because I loved it but later realized that getting those empty pendant or pendant covers was a real show stopper.

So after getting inspired the real challange was to get those empty pendants, sadly getting them shipped to india would have costed like 10 times more. One day I found a beer bottle cap and there my friend the hurdle was overocome.

Lets get started, its super easy,super cheap and fun.

Step 1: Stuff That You Will Need

  1. Some beer bottle caps, nicely opened so that they retain their shape.
  2. Some stone chips.
  3. Some super glue or fevi-quick.
  4. Some pointed metal object to make a hole or a small nail.
  5. Some wire about 2 inch.
  6. Round nose and flat nose pliers.
  7. A metal filer.
  8. OPTIONAL : Some acrylic black paint and a small brush

Step 2: From Bottle Cap to Pendant

  1. Using a nail or pointed object, create a hole in the wall of the cap (Image 1).
  2. File the hole to smooth any pointed openings because of the hole (Image 2)
  3. Using round nose plier and flat nose plier create a wire loop(Image 3)
  4. Insert the wire in the cap hole and bend it so that it can not come out (Image 4)  

Step 3: Decorate Using Stone Chips

  1. Before you start using the glue, think of a pattern by trying to arrange the chips in the pendant without glue.
  2. OPTIONALLY you can paint the inside of cap using acrylic black color to give it a metallic look.
  3. Now glue the first layer of the stone chips. Add more layers to make sure that cap background is not peeking out.
  4. Use a elastic or cotton string to hang the pendant.

And you are done, told you it was super easy :). Looks beautiful? Tell me what do you think about it.

Have fun



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    Could I use broken glass???

    These stone chips does not have sharp edges so they are safe to work with. You can try using broken glass but you would need tiny pieces which might to too sharp to work safely and can be hazardous.

    Thank you.

    Any tips on a safe, one-handed way to get the hole in the top of the bottle cap?

    Sure. I have a screw driver set which has a pointed attachment for making holes. You can use a similar tool and press it against the inside wall with your hand and it should make a hole. or you can also hammer it lightly. Please see image below.
    I hope it helps.
    Thanks for stopping by.


    or u can use a hole puncher :) i m using punvh like this

    Cool! I'll try that out. Thanks!

    Adorable idea...would modpodge dimensional magic work? I am curious to see. I am obsessed with it. Crossing my fingers. I have crushed see glass and hopefully they turn out half as nice as yours! Thanks!

    I think it should, honestly I have not tried it. Be careful with the sharp edges of the sea glass, the stones chips commercially available does not have sharp or pointed edges.

    Thank you so much:)

    Where did you get the stone chips? Very nice by the way.