When you have guests over for the holidays, don't cast pearls before swine. Make a 3D-printed bottle lock for the craft beers, and let your friends and family drink the cheap ones. Bah Humbug!

Step 1: Design

The first step in the design is to measure the bottle. The shapes of bottles vary pretty widely, but the caps seem to be totally standard. Because of that I decided to make the lock clamp onto the bottle cap, and left some wiggle room for the size of the neck.

I made the rough shape of the bottle, then designed the lock to be a clamp with a single 4-40 screw as the hinge part. The other end of the clamp has a hole that fits an off-the-shelf luggage padlock I found in a 6-pack at a hardware store.

I used Fusion 360 for the design because it's a great solid modeling tool. It has mechanical assembly functions that let me test out the motion and figure out if it would easily come on and off of the bottle. Fusion 360 is FREE indefinitely with a "startup" license option after the 30 day free trial.

Step 2: 3D Printing

I used a Makerbot Replicator 2, but this model would work with practically any 3D printer. When you model Fusion 360 properly, there is no cleanup whatsoever when you prep it for 3D printing. Just bring it into the Makerbot app, position it, and off you go.

This is not a simple monolithic object. There are "overhangs" because the hinge parts interlock and there are holes. So whatever printer you're using, make sure you use supports. The group of 6 took about 6 hours to print.

Step 3: Assembly

I designed it to use a 3/4" long 4-40 machine screw, washer, and nut to be embedded into the bottom of the print. The fit was so tight that the screw ended up threading into the plastic. The nut was totally unnecessary, and in fact it cracked the plastic when I hammered it in, so you could probably leave that out.

Step 4: Keep the Good Stuff to Yourself

You're already spending a fortune on friends and family over the holidays, so save some good stuff for yourself.

<p>A wonderful present for my friend!</p>
<p>Very nice! Have you taken the 3D Printing class? I go into way more detail about how it was designed and modeled there.</p>
<p>You can secure your favorite stuff even from yourself.... Cool Project</p>
<p>Yep, as soon as you lose the key!</p>
I dint understand what im supposed to do
<p>Is there a way you could convert this to a solidworks file?</p>
<p>Just uploaded some STP files to Step 1, I think those will be native. Please post photos when you're finished!</p>
<p>Your the man! I definetely will</p>
<p>This is awsome. I just wish it would fit regular pop bottles</p>
<p>Thanks! It would be really easy to tweak it to fit just about any bottle. All you need is a pair of calipers and a really basic grasp of Fusion 360 or another program like that.</p>
<p>rotated 180 degrees about Y axis for printing upside down( lettering/top printed on the glass ) so no brim needed at all. Also looking to add just a small fillet/ramp on the middle ridge so no support material would be needed at all. Will be using OpenSCAD for that. I don't care if the hinge part needs a little work on the inside. </p>
<p>ts fine, insteed of screw tak a splint, like this in amazone.de</p><p>http://www.amazon.de/BGS-8054-Hohlsplinte-Federstifte-Sortiment-450-tlg/dp/B000PTO5HU/ref=sr_1_4?s=diy&amp;ie=UTF8&amp;qid=1438715818&amp;sr=1-4</p>
Elronmecboeng, the drawing says it all. Thanks again!
Great idea elronmecboeng! I'm definitely going to make another version like this. Thanks for the idea!
<p>Works like a champ! Great design. I've had a few requests for them.</p>
<p>I just found out I can give out free 3-month Pro Memberships to people who post IMadeIt's! Enjoy!</p>
<p>I did a little redesign and used a pressed in pin instead of a nut and bolt, great instrucables!!</p>
<p>I just found out I can give out free 3-month Pro Memberships to people who post IMadeIt's! Enjoy!</p>
<p>Awesome! I love how you tapered the hasp part- that looks much better than the boxy one I designed. The pin's a nice touch too no need for a screw really...</p>
<p>Great project, easy printing and assembly. I'm planning on printing 6 more and buying 5 really good bombers and one Smirnoff Ice. Over Christmas the adults in the family will all get a random key in their stocking. The beer their key opens is the one they get to drink. (They can also keep the lock.)</p>
<p>I just found out I can give out free 3-month Pro Memberships to people who post IMadeIt's! Enjoy!</p>
<p>This is awesome! I love the idea of using it as a party game.</p>
I think it looks better in green. Just in time for my brother's birthday.
<p>I just found out I can give out free 3-month Pro Memberships to people who post IMadeIt's! Enjoy!</p>
<p>They look awesome in green. I love the substantial locks you used, really gets the point across.</p>
<p>They are just covered in plastic, I believe they are the same size shackle as the one you linked to.</p><p>I have been having issues with the print quality on the 5th gen makerbot. This is the third replacement smart extruder, but I am still having issues. It seems like the filament is thinner than the printer is expecting resulting in a very sparse top layer (see picture). It looks like you have the same printer, maybe you could offer some advise to make it work better?</p><p>Thank you for posting this great project! </p>
<p>I've had similar issues with a couple of prints. I'm using a Makerbot Replicator 2, and here's what I've found.</p><p>1. Use blue painter's tape on the build platform. I tried it with gaffer's tape, and it was a disaster. The prints looked a lot like what you've got here, but I think the extra thickness of the tape affected the overall print.</p><p>2. Printing in "High Quality" mode from the makerbot software gave me a similar result to what you're showing in the attached picture. Like you said, it looked like the printer was expecting the filament to be thicker. I had much better results with the "Standard Quality" setting.</p><p>3. One of our shop guys recently tweaked the cooling system on the extruder. My understanding is that he shielded the heating element from the cooling fan, which makes for a more consistent temperature on the extruder. I don't know the details, but let me know if this part of the process seems important and I'll get details.</p><p>Hope this helps-</p>
I have been using painters tape and the quality setting for this print was at standard. It gets even worse at high like you said. I would be interested on learning more about the fan modification. At this point willing to try about anything.
my lock printed on a duplicator 4 with raft and support.turned out great.used a nail as a pin the dropped some epoxy into where the bolt would have gone to trap the head.
<p>I just found out I can give out free 3-month Pro Memberships to people who post IMadeIt's! Enjoy!</p>
<p>The nail's a great idea, and the black looks so ominous- DO NOT TOUCH THIS BEER...</p>
<p>Great ^^</p><p>a very cool gadget...</p><p>thanks for sharing </p><p>(printed with the Mamba3D printer <a href="http://www.mamba3d.com" rel="nofollow"> www.mamba3d.com</a> &quot;low resolution med speed&quot;)</p>
<p>I just found out I can give out free 3-month Pro Memberships to people who post IMadeIt's! Enjoy!</p>
<p>Perfect !! no one will steal me my beers. :-)</p>
<p>Good idea but I would simply unscrew the little bolt. Maybe a rivet or something that can not be removed without breaking it. </p>
It looks good in yellow!
I could not find it on quirk whatever,<br>send the info I sent you the private message about when you have time?
I'm new to fusion 360, I'd like to modify the text do you have any advice?
It's a slightly modified version of mine, he posted a picture in the comment thread below by joshmt2012. Josh, are they selling at all? I'd be curious to know if there's a market for this kind of thing.
<p>Did this guy lift your design?<br>https://www.etsy.com/listing/214397190/beer-bottle-locks-set-of-6</p>
<p>Love this! Great idea and work!</p>
<p>Thanks to everyone who voted, Quirky has accepted the Beer Bottle Lock for expert review! We're one step closer to a commercial product. https://www.quirky.com/invent/query/view=expert-review&categories=home</p>
<p>Hey Man,</p><p>This is Seth, again. I have found a bug in the looking.stl file for IE. It works on Chrome but not in IE. I listed the bug report to the instructables.com people in case they wanted to notify you.</p><p>Sincerely,</p><p>Seth</p>
<p>To be clear, you've successfully downloaded the STL files, right?</p>
<p>Hello Again...yea man! I got it downloaded using Chrome. I gave up on the IE browser and that cool, .stl file. Oh and thank you again for the handy step-by-step guide.</p>
<p>Hi Seth,</p><p>Thank you for pointing this out! We rely on users like to you to make sure we've got a site that's running smoothly. I'll make a note of it to our development team as well.</p>

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