Introduction: Beer Bottle Mosqito Repeller/decerarion

Picture of Beer Bottle Mosqito Repeller/decerarion

Step 1: Materials

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Beer bottles
Tiki torch wick
Screw driver

Step 2:

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Screw in bottle holder

Step 3:

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Place bottle in holder

Step 4:

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Screw in bottle make sure it is secure

Step 5:

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Make sure logo is facing up

Step 6:

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This is what it should look like when all bottles are in

Step 7:

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Add the tiki juice

Step 8:

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Add wick

Step 9:

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All of them in

Step 10:

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Add screw holders

Then your done


Builder971 (author)2014-08-24

Thanks for the advice and yes you are correct about screwing it in the wall i had a bad wind storm and it fell off and broke

Bike2work (author)2014-08-24

This is neat. I like the rustic boards and reused metal brackets. Though, I think I would recommend screwing the board directly into a wall instead of the picture frame hangers attached to the back. I would hate to see it fall and become three molotov cocktails! I'm sure it looks great and keeps the mosquitos away. Might be really cool with some liquor bottles or some old looking bottles to match the old boards as well.

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