Beer Brats

Picture of Beer Brats
Simple step by step... how to cook beer brats!

Keep in mind that there are many ways to cook beer brats.
This is my slow cooking method, and if you ask me, no other method makes them this tasty and tender. This whole process can take a whole day to prepare... so set a day aside, and get yourself a case of beer... Half for the Brats, and half for you!

Also, Never buy the beer Brats pre-made from the store, as they are not anywhere close to what a beer brat should taste like.

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Step 1: Ingredients You'll need

Picture of Ingredients You'll need
Considering that these take a long time to make, I like to make large batches of them. I used:

4 Packs of regular Brats (no cheese brats... they would not make it!)
4-6 Small - Medium Onions. I used Red and Yellow Onions
3-5 Cloves of Garlic.
1 Case of beer... does not need to be anything exotic.
1 day to babysit the beer brats while they cook.

Step 2: Poke the brats.

Picture of Poke the brats.

Grab a fork, and poke some holes in the Brats... about 3-4 jabs aught to do good, but be careful, the brats need to be handled with care, as the slightest extra tear in the brat casing can make it rip apart.

Step 3: Add the Beer!

Picture of Add the Beer!
Make sure you get one for yourself, this is going to take a while.

Start off by putting a few cans of beer into a large stock pot... or similar cookware.
Start the stove up, and get that beer bubbling, but careful! Beer will bubble over very easily! So not too hot... that's the key to this whole thing... Not too hot! Just hot enough to see some bubbling.

Step 4: Add Brats!

Picture of Add Brats!
Lay these out the best you can... you'll want them laying as flat as possible.

Step 5: Add Onions and Garlic!

Picture of Add Onions and Garlic!
Chop up the onions... they don't need to be cut up too small... they'll be in there for a while!
Same for the Cloves of Garlic I used Some Red onion, and White onion.

Step 6: Top it off!

Picture of Top it off!
Add more beer until the entire thing is covered. This took me about 8-9 beer.
Thank you for this recipe. Some friends and myself really enjoyed them. Added some Dutch curryketchup just before the cooking was finished.
so a "brat" is a sausage? Looks like a tasty (but expensive) meal. wouldn't mind trying it
dork5200 (author)  Building Books6 years ago
Just get some cheap beer... nothing fancy. Otherwise the Brats are the most expensive part. You can make a smaller batch... but when it takes as long as it does, it's nice to have reap the rewards over and over again! When I say Brat... I mean Bratwurst... You'll find it near the sausages in the store.
Do you think you could freeze them after cooking but prior to grilling?
I am wondering if I can cook up a bunch, freeze them, then when we want to grill them just thaw them out and cook them on the grill long enough to warm them up.
dork5200 (author)  Building Books5 years ago
 Be sure to get cheap beer! make a lot, so you can make the most of it. Leftovers work really well too.. just toss em on the George Forman Grill! Presto!
Lunchbox5153 years ago
Have you tried any other beers? Does it make a difference? I'm not a big fan of light colored beers. Do you think I can use a darker, more flavorful beer like Shiner Bock or Sam Adams without overloading the flavor?
Batness4 years ago
Just tried this 'Ible...and I have to say the flavor is great. Thanks for posting this!

HOWEVER I personally must not be used to eating this heavy because I ate ONE brat and felt SO FULL it was crazy. XP And believe me, I can eat.

I'm mildly allergic to onions, so I reduced the onion and upped the garlic. I also prefer turkey brats, so those were used.

Punctured the brats (gently), left them in a crock put with the beer/onion/garlic mixture. I had a shot of habanero rum left over from another project, so I tossed that in as well. Left on low/warm setting for 5-6 hours.

DELICIOUS, albeit very heavy. Will try again sometime FOR people who eat more meat than I do. Literally. :D
dtrain6 years ago
Yep, just like I make em. You can now buy beer brats but their not nearly as flavorful as these. Alternatively you can do the whole thing on the grill. Get one of those disposable deep aluminum pans and boil them on the grill. When they're done, simply char them directly on the grill. Yummy.
dork5200 (author)  dtrain5 years ago
 You must be a grill master to do that... too hot, and it dont work right! But really, to me they are not the same if they are cooked less than 4 hours... around there, they become infused with magic. I'm no wizzard, but these are magical for sure.
Thornburg6 years ago
Oh, wow, at first I thought this was about Bratz, those weird toys.
dork5200 (author)  Thornburg5 years ago
 Yea... those are not as tastey.
This is the best beer brat recipe on the Internet. Slow cooking them rules! Thanks!
dork5200 (author)  Steve from AZ5 years ago
 Glad to share the joy!
bleepblorp5 years ago
Would I be able to do this in a crock pit? I know that seems like a dumb question, but I'd rather not ruin some tasty, tasty brats by preparing them wrong haha
dork5200 (author)  bleepblorp5 years ago
 Let me know how the crock pot ones work!! could probably go all night! ooooo! tastey!
Just made these for a BBQ......they are AWESOME!!!!
dork5200 (author)  Lunarpancake5 years ago
 Glad to hear!!! makes me happy! I made a 2 hour version of them... not quite as good... but I'm looking for ways to shorten the prep time.
sdcauld5 years ago
Sheboygan technique. Those brats can get dehydrated on the grill. When I take them off the grill I toss them back in the warm beer have a beer myself and in 5 to 10 minutes they are perfect!
dork5200 (author)  sdcauld5 years ago
 Actually, It's my own recipe! Everyone tells me I'm doing it "wrong"! These do not get dehydrated on the grill... because they only grill for a minute, or less. They are already cooked when they get to the grill. They certainly would dehydrate if you grill them like a normal brat... but the final grilling stage is just to sear the beer gravy onto the brat, not really to cook it. I've skipped the grilling step altogether, and they are just as good!
ulor6 years ago
For a non-alcoholic alternative try Apple Juice. Slightly different flavor, but still tasty.
ongissim6 years ago
NEVER PUNCTURE A JOHNSONVILLE BRAT! :) We usually poach our brats in a water/beer/onion mixture, then grill them on a charcoal grill; best thing ever.
i did it to the ones i cooked as per his recepie and they are fine. Not a single one broke, and they are full of moisture and flavor.
Dragoonan6 years ago
Dude soon as I seen this I knew you were from Wis, have done my brats like this for along time except I use Miller instead of PBR and reg onions instead of red. Glad to hear I'm not the only one spreading the word of the Beer brat around. I live in Wash now(Born and raised in Wis). The people I make them for around here love them and always ask when Im going to be make brats again.
capricorn6 years ago
I love sausages, I love beer.... I see much love in my future :) Thanks mate, nice instructable ;)
this looks good, I might try this next time I make brats
Kozz6 years ago
Dude, I've got to ask -- where are you from or where'd you learn this technique? I'm from Wisconsin where we love our beer AND bratwurst, but I've never seen this. I love my brats, usually briefly parboiled in a water/beer mix and then straight to the grill where any bubbles can be pierced on the casing. Interesting!
dork5200 (author)  Kozz6 years ago
Yea... I'm from Wisconsin as well, but I'm now in California, and I thought I'd show some of the locals here how we do things back home. I'm not sure if anyone else cooks them for that long... I came up with this method on my own. It makes them super soft, and adds tons of flavor... they really don't taste like Brats anymore afterwards! Enjoy!
Dim-16 years ago
Amazing! I really like your method. I'm going to do it this way from now on.