Beer Can Ashtrays





Introduction: Beer Can Ashtrays

Make a nifty little ashtray from any ordinary beer can! Lovely!

Step 1: STEP 1

A beer can. CUT IT'S HEAD OFF. Do not cut your fingers.

Step 2: STEP 2

Use scissors to cut vertically down the can. Making between 5 and 8 cuts works nicely.

Step 3: STEP 3

Bend strips outward at 90 degrees! Pow!

Step 4: STEP 4

Cut little bits off the end of the strips. This makes it nice and neat, and easier to fold together.

A quick reminder not to cut your fingers on the can. Those cuts are very thin and very nasty. AVOID!

Step 5: STEP 5

Fold strips like so! Tuck the last one underneath the first to avoid unnecessary strip-flapping shenanigans.


Assemble your equipment and prepare yourself for REVOLUTIONARY NEW SMOKING EXPERIENCE.

Step 7: END

Don't forget to wash your hands! Ta!



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    LOL, not quiet beautiful i guess, but it's a beginning. Thnx for tutorial.


    There's a matey does these on the streets of Bristol, tidy if i still smoked

    very cool instruct - when I saw this last picture on the first page, I thought you were running water on a cut. Actually, that would be a good close, wouldn't it?

    We have alley parties in a neighbor's garage on a reg basis, and the complaint is no ashtrays. who knew we were holding them the whole time!

    i smoke 1-2 cigaretts per day and my wife hunting me always and hides the i will try to make one of them...and maybe do some extra job with dremel to cut the edges

    i do not smoke but i still find myself wanting to make one hmm...

    no worries, you can also probably put a small analog clock in it, hang it on the wall somewhere, or just keep it as an ashtray for guests something

    ..i like this instructable. might want to add a disclaimer: do not try this after emptying the cans..

    he might be a redneck, but hes a recyclin' redneck