can really be done to any object but this is the item I had the most of lying around so it was a natural choice for me really its a break through and it allows a huge number of usb hubs to be added say 4X 1to4 hubs in a can makes a 16 port hub in a tiny space

Step 1: Materials and Tools Needed

Ok the materials for the project are as follows:

-A beer can (or whatever you want really
-a little plastic box about the siz of the hub including circuit board(if its a hub with lights)
-A simple USB hub I used one from a mousepad and it has UV leds so I made a solution for lighting


-a craft/stanley kinfe (either will do but make sure it's sharp, very sharp
-a sheet of paper ( for lighting again ignore for hubs with no lighting
-a ruler or straight edge (no real measuring but this is needed for clean cutting)
-glue (I used superglue but a hot glue gun is a far better option)
No offense but all you did was add a case i mean anyone with common sense can do that.
Well that was the point... This was one of my first projects aswell, having done a couple of other things with empty cans I'd probably have done this far better knowing what I know now.
What would be crazy and very unethical was if you took a can and made rows and rows of usb hubs all over the can because there would be tons of space that would be crazy Here's what it would look like!
when i looked at this i didn't know it was yours. i had a creeping feeling that it was yours and... YEP, IT'S YOURS cheers.
Haha, just great...
if it's about beer, i'll bet it's yours.
As Homer would say, "mmm...beer.";)
Yarp, I'll have to re-visit this...
Another one for the Top 10 list!!
I wish I'm working on a better way to put the cuts in so the can is left in better condition because it can get dmaged easily from the circuitry being put in then a top ten is in sight
you coud coat the inside in some sort of rubber... or one of those plastics that are on this site... eh just some midnight brainstormin.
This is pretty cool, id happily have it sit on my desk even if i didnt use it its just cool
Cheers, one of my first instructables, really needs revising tbh.
If you cut the top off and drop in a wood cylinder to cut against you would get a cleaner cut out.
tenents is a drink for real men. good choice.
my most common drinks are tennents and guiness as I'm half irish half scottish lol
Pretty sweet, I take it the plastic is to prevent shorts? -Punk
nope it's for refracting and diffusion of the lights on my hub because I took mine out of a uv lit mousepad If you put the board in right theres nothing touching to short out but if you're worried then use the plastic I did both for testing and the hub worked on all ports without problems
eh, i dont know what to say. useful but doesnt it wobble around.?
not really but just put a rock or something in it if it does really it's so easy and simple

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