I love beer, and I can't bear to throw away the colorful caps. While enjoying a breezy Saturday afternoon outside I thought of a way to liven up my porch area using a few of the hundreds of caps I've collected. It's a simple and fun little project!

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies & Tools

You will need:
  • an awl
  • a hammer
  • scissors
  • tape of some kind
  • thick string or yarn (I used cooking twine)
  • a piece of scrap wood
  • lots of beer caps! for reference: 40 caps for a 3 foot garland.

  • a good beer to enjoy while "working"
  • your favorite pint glass
this gave me inspiration for what to do with my own collection of bottle caps! thanks!
great to hear! have fun with your project :)
Perfect wind chime for Kyle's tree!

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