Picture of Beer Cap Garland (or windchime)
I love beer, and I can't bear to throw away the colorful caps. While enjoying a breezy Saturday afternoon outside I thought of a way to liven up my porch area using a few of the hundreds of caps I've collected. It's a simple and fun little project!

Step 1: Gather your supplies & tools

Picture of Gather your supplies & tools
You will need:
  • an awl
  • a hammer
  • scissors
  • tape of some kind
  • thick string or yarn (I used cooking twine)
  • a piece of scrap wood
  • lots of beer caps! for reference: 40 caps for a 3 foot garland.

  • a good beer to enjoy while "working"
  • your favorite pint glass
this gave me inspiration for what to do with my own collection of bottle caps! thanks!
rvt1985 (author)  kweencortney1 year ago
great to hear! have fun with your project :)
ncowden1 year ago
Perfect wind chime for Kyle's tree!