Beer Cooler Controller





Introduction: Beer Cooler Controller

Have you ever homebrewed or maybe just wanted to convert a chest freezer to the world's fastest refrigerator and keep your drinks Ice cold but had no idea of how to control the temperature so that you don't freeze your drinks? Well this is the instructable for you! In the next few videos I will show you how to build your very own freezer temperature controller for a very reasonable price.

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Step 1: Beer Cooler Controller Part 1 - Hardware

In this video we will be looking at how to make your very own freezer controller to turn it into a refrigerator.


Step 2: Beer Cooler Controller Part 2 - Software

In this video we will be finishing the cooler controller. I will be showing you how to get the software built for this build. I will also show how to create an equation that will map the resistance of the thermistor to a temperature. Enjoy!

Step 3: Beer Cooler Controller - Demo

In this video we will be demoing the cooler controller. I will be showing how it is all constructed as well as how it works once it is all put together. Enjoy.



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    Neat, definitely would helpful when brewing! Thanks for sharing!