Picture of Beer Float
You made root beer floats, coke floats, even sasparilla floats... but you haven't tried the real thing until you've had a beer float.
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Step 1: Choose a Beer

Step one is to choose your beer of choice for this. I started out with a Young's Double Chocolate Stout. I am not much of a stout/porter drinker, I tend to prefer American craft beers (you'll see some Oregon Honey Beer bottles in the background later), but this seemed to be an appropriate choice.

Too bitter and it just won't mix with the creamy sweet ice cream.

Too malty and it's like having water with your cereal.

I am going to leave this open as a collaboration so others can recommend beers, but please, if you're going to recommend something, and it's some beer you can only find in a dingy unlit Cuban bar with no sign and the only entrance is the back alley and it's only open on full moons and you need a password... share a beer others can find along with that first suggestion. Thanks ;)

Step 2: Get your tools ready

Picture of Get your tools ready
You'll need the following:

Ice cream. I used Vanilla Bean. Get something good.

A titanium milkshake spoon ($10 REI). Or any spoon really. I went all out with the titanium, because it's all I had.

A frosted well chilled pint glass, or half yard if you have one. If there is a beer logo on it, it must be of an at least half decent beer. Yes, college students, this means you can't use the natty ice glass you got for free with the order of 5 kegs. Sorry.
kithso1 year ago
I got a sam adams of some sort with cocoa mix brushed on the glass edge at applebees recently, that might be good, pale blue and chocolate i think. Also I just found out (literally like, right now) that dos equis xx is freakin great, drinks like water. Maybe that and chocolate would work well?
poi_pai4 years ago
Guinness and Vanilla is good, Bass and Lemon is amazing!  There's a Gelato shop in Denver that used to do beer floats, so this brought memories.  Ahhh...
ilpug poi_pai3 years ago
wish someone would make beer ice cream
askantik4 years ago
I'm gonna make this in a bit... probably with Sam Smith Imperial Stout.  Yes.......
zomfibame4 years ago
that looks good; ...many years ago I put beer on Cheerios cereal; (I had no milk), it was pretty good, but I'm guessing not as good as this.
kuauhtemok5 years ago
I've tried this with some college friends when I was still in school. We used high life and vanilla. To our surprise, it worked out pretty well, although I have to admit I figured we were the only ones in the world who would think of pouring beer over ice cream. Nice to see this as an instructable!
abadfart5 years ago
omg white Russian
Junglustin5 years ago
I would recommend a belgian lambic for optimal tastiness.
pcmofo6 years ago
This is sweet! I did this about a year ago with Ben and Jerry's Vanilla Ice cream + Ommegang brewery's Three Philosophers beer. This is a strong Belgium ale thats 9.8% ABV and has a great flavor profile. This combined with premium vanilla ice cream created a great "float" The only problem is the foaming of the ice cream and the beer is excessive. I have not figured a way around this but boy is it work it!
Lokisgodhi6 years ago
jc8176 years ago
Guinness is a good choice for vanilla ice cream.
tubular6 years ago
I made this last night and was bitterly (pun intended) disappointed. I used Young's Double Chocolate Stout and Blue Bell Vanilla Bean ice cream. It just tasted...gross. I love ice cream, I love beer, I love root beer/coke floats, but this combination just didn't work for me. Good Instructable though.
aqua_scummm (author)  tubular6 years ago
Yeah, I have been meaning to find something better. Once again, I am not much of a stout fan. But as a college student, and a non-hard-partying kind, I need to buy laundry detergent first. If you find a good beer for it, let me know.
I had not tried the beer before I tried it in the float, and after trying the beer by itself I found it wasn't my favorite. This may have been a contributing factor, although my girlfriend loved the beer but still hated the float. I might try again with a beer I know and like better, and will let you know how it goes.
Ohm6 years ago
Cool Instructable. I definitely think a lighter, more smooth tasting beer would be in order, as you mentioned the stout was to strong and malty. Probably the honey beer would work good, if I remember correctly it almost has a bit of sweetness to it? McMinamins terminator stout would probably be good for this as it is real smooth and not too bitter, but you can only get it at a Mcminamins pub or restaurant in Oregon and they would probably draw and quarter you for doing it :D
aqua_scummm (author)  Ohm6 years ago
I might pick up some more honey beer. Too bad I finished it before I made this
OneonOne6 years ago
So do you think natty ice would be a good choice of beer? As a college student this is very important. P.S Macs rule
aqua_scummm (author)  OneonOne6 years ago
Why yes, yes they do. Natty ice should be delicious with the non fat non dairy non flavored ice cream of your choice
trebuchet036 years ago
Nice Glass :)