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Introduction: Beer Helmet -- Army Style

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So during a heavy night of drinking about a year ago I came up with the bright idea of making a beer helmet, but use an army helment instead of the typical constructin helmet. Hungover as all hell the next day that is exactly what I did.


Step 1: Parts

*Army helmet (can pick up at any army navy store for like ten bucks)
*Plastic tubing
*T-connector for plastic tubing
*4 cup holders (I "borrowed" them from the local target that has a starbucks inside. Their idea is to clip these things onto carts to hold your coffee as you shop. My idea is to clip beer to my head).
*2 camo coozies
*8 cable ties (those velcro things that you use to keep your cables neat)
*Zip ties

***Please note that I built this thing a year ago and don't have pictures to document.

Step 2: Attaching the Cup Holders:

As you can see there are four cup holders. Two have coozies attached and two don't. What is the of this purpose? Keggers of course! The front two cup holders are there for solo cups. When you don't beer in a bottle or can you switch the tubes to the front and you're good to go. This helmet makes you the macgyver of beer drinking.

To attach the cup holders use your velcro cable ties. Run the calbe ties through the precut holes in the camo fabric of the helmet and then through the cup holders themselves (this is hard to describe, check out the closeup).

Step 3: Attaching the Camo Coozies:

Now it's time to attach the coozies. I used a sharp knife to poke holes in them (three sets in each coozie) and then ran a zip tie through the coozie and around the cup holder.

Step 4: Run the Tubing...

This is the easiest part. I started by attaching the t-joint to the right side of the helmet (used zipties of course).

From the bottom of the t-joint I ran one but to my mouth, which was pretty short (eight inches at most). Next the top of the joint runs in a straight line to the back left coozie (which can be switched to the front left if there is a cup there).

Finally, I fan the back of the t joint around the back of the helmet and looped it back to the right side (once again this can go in either the right back coozie or the right front cup depending on which drinking mode you're in).

Step 5: Enjoy...and Some Improvements

So if you're like me when you're drunk you're:

a) Lazy
b) Proned to walk into things

So all in all this project satifies all my drunk criteria. I would like to note one improvement which would be adding a tip to the end of the drinking tube (much like you would find on a camel back). This would keep pressure in the system and eliminate a lot of foam issues.

I also wanted to get a first aid cross for it and make it a medic helmet (get it). It would be a pretty badass halloween custome, all you would need is a black t shirt and army pants fromt he thirft store. You'd be everyone's favorite guest.

Other than that I love my helment!



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    This is what ive been looking for, ever since i saw it on spongebob a while back, but, where would you get cup-holders without "borrowing" them?

    2 replies

    don't know...that's why i stole mine. hehe ;)

    Very late reply, but for the benefit of anyone else who comes across this instructible, you can usually find lightweight cup holders at automotive stores :)

    You forgot to post the picture of you wearing it, complete with beer... Also, it looks like it would act as a siphon. once you took a swig, it wouldn't stop.

    2 replies

    Didn't have any beer on hand that night...sorry. It doesn't work like a siphon, in fact it does the complete opposite. When you stop drinking the system loses pressure and the tube fills with air/foam. That's why on the last step I said to add an end cap to keep the pressure. I haven't really ever wore it, just tried it out and put it in a closet.

    THAT is F%^%ing outstanding.

    oh ha ha in my country you only have to be 18 to drink!!+=)

    6 replies

     canada is 19.

    no, New Zealand, look it up

    my friend went to australia when he was 12 and got drunk... apparently 12 is the drinking age there

    bad for their developing brains

    yes, yes it is but its gooooood!

    very cool, If I make this, I won't use beer, I'd use Coca cola! hehe! I'm 2 young to drink.

    Aww Nice! This is awesome! I should've thought of this and then again I couldn't have because you just posted it. I am so making this thanks. 5 stars

    Too bad indead...thanks for the comment! It was my first instructable so I'm glad you could could kinda follow it along.

    1 reply

    Any time, i'm gonna make this but with the things that keep beer cold instead, i wont be able to use it for six years though. (legally...)

    never drink tequila through those leather water things, it doesnt taste right, i think a camel back would be the same?