Beer Holder for the Shower


Introduction: Beer Holder for the Shower

It's somewhat of a tradition here in our house to shower with a beer (separately) before we head out to party on the weekend. After doing it for quite sometime we got sick of having to drink the water that would find its way into our beer (because we had no place to put it but the ground). To fix this problem our good friend Greg came up with a genius way to have a beer holder for the shower.

What you need:
1 - Cup holder (found at any car parts store)
1- Suction Cup (found at local hardware store)

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Step 1: Break the Cup Holder Hanger

In order for it to fit snug in your shower you need to remove the "hanging" part of the cup holder. This can be down using man power or if you or going to be smooth about use some type of cutter that will cut through plastic.

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Step 2: Add Suction Cup

Okay, now you just need to add the suction cup to the back. There was already holes in the cup holder we got from the store,b ut if not just drill a hole though so you can attach the suction cup.

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Step 3: Hang It Up, and Have a Beer!

Stick that thing to your shower, crack open a beer, and place it inside. Enjoy!

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    You look like Adam Sandler in Little Nicki

    I need to buy these! I would sell them on

    This is an awesome instructable. Everybody loves a shower beer.

    If you would like something like this, but with a little class check out:

    bless you for making my dream come true...mmmmshowerbeer

    Deserving of a Nobel Prize.

    great idea but why stop there how about a place to put your beer when taking a

    I commend the ingenuity - great way to keep the party going, or wind down after a long work day. I firmly believe this world needs a shower beer revolution to expose its awesomeness!

    Why stop there? I'm going to hang them at the toilet, the bedroom, while I'm cooking, heck might as well put up an ice chest tray up there to keep it cold.

    Also you can make a shelf to put your food so you can have a bite to eat while you shower. Try saving some more time and put two or three in there and y'all can shower and drink at the same time. No need to waste time, the party is started.

    Good to see I wasn't the only one in college drinking in the shower. I would always try to get as many drinks in me before going out, where i had to pay full price for them. The getting ready time is also prime drinking time. Also drinking before you brush your teeth is a must.

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    It's ok, I also have my morning coffee in the shower, well one of them, booze in the shower just before going out and If I'm really rushing I've been seen getting out of the shower with a pot noodle....

    And here I thought I had an original idea = \ Coffee in the shower = only way to wake up... :D

    You drink coffee in the shower?

    Yeah in the mornings, actually I just did that, I'm getting ready for work for a few hours then going out partying...

    Have you ever gotten soap in your coffee?

    Only shampoo, a couple of times I've accidentally shot the shower stream into it and covered myself in a coffee fountain, oddly enough it makes your skin feel nice and all day people were smelling me... I wish they still made fructis gel, smelt like starburts or something... *random thought

    How did it taste after you got shampoo in it?

    not so good... I was not a happy camper...

    amazing is the only word to describe this

    A beer in the shower is always a good choice. I love it!!! Check out this place that actually sells a pre-made shower beer holder if you don't want to do the customization yourself.

    Beer + Shower = bad idea.
    Soda + Shower = good idea!