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Hey everyone!

This is my first instructable, and I really hope u like it!

This is an Instructable on how to make Tepache, a Mexican drink made of Pineapples ( PINEAPPLE BEER!! ) Its fairly easy to make and it tastes awesome!

I'm not sure on Alcoholic Potency... I added way too much sugar to mine and left it for 10 days and it got pretty strong.

Step 1: Ingredients Needed:

You are going to need the Following:
3 Large Pineapples
5 Cups Sugar - (Preferably brown works best, and makes it sweeter and gives it color)
Cinnamon (Just a pinch!)
4 Liters Water (A Gallon)

Yeast - Adding just a teaspoon of instant bakers yeast to your Pineapple Beer will make it much more alcoholic, than using the natural yeasts in the rind alone.

- Not much eh? Easy stuff this.

<p>I onl had 1x pineapple o my disposal.</p><p>So used 5x cups of sugar and 6liters of water</p><p>2x thick slices of ginger + 1x cup of seedless raisins.</p><p>I left it for 4 days, only because I could not wait any longer.</p><p>It was fantastic !!! Great recipe. Now onto my second batch, with 2x pineapples and 5x peaches cut into pieces(without the pip). I can hear it speaking to me, the bubbling noice is quite loud, and interesting. Thanks?</p>
Please give an idea of how much sugar...1 cup...2 cups? I dont want to make a terrible first batch
<p>A few years down the line, and I've updated it everyone :)</p><p>Didn't realize that this was top 3 on Google for Pineapple Beer!</p><p>Fixed up the method, made it more clear and concise. Removed some unneeded information, fixed grammar.</p><p>Enjoy all :)</p>
<p>vodka and other liquor isn't fermented like this or rice wine or say beer... it isn't &quot;over boiled potatoes fermented&quot;. its actually distilled... little more than just over boiled. </p>
<p>I'll try this recipe as soon as I can, but, can you tell me if is possible to bottle it? And how long does it lasts after done?</p>
You make any new instructables?
Awesome... Just now where to hide it XP
14 is too young to drink. :p <br>Really good instructable though.

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