Pineapple Beer - How to make Tepache (Mexican Pineapple Beer)

Picture of Pineapple Beer - How to make Tepache (Mexican Pineapple Beer)


Hey everyone!

This is my first instructable, and I really hope u like it!

This is an Instructable on how to make Tepache, a Mexican drink made of Pineapples ( PINEAPPLE BEER!! ) Its fairly easy to make and it tastes awesome!

I'm not sure on Alcoholic Potency... I added way too much sugar to mine and left it for 10 days and it got pretty strong.

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Step 1: Ingredients Needed:

Picture of Ingredients Needed:

You are going to need the Following:
3 Pineapples
Sugar (Preferably brown works best, and makes it sweeter and gives it color)

Yeast - This is optional, pineapples contain their own yeast in their skin (rind).

- Not much eh? Easy stuff this.

Step 2: Tools / Other Stuff Needed:

Picture of Tools / Other Stuff Needed:

To make my Pineapple Beer, I used an empty cooler box and sealed it around the edges of the lid with duct tape and tied it down with 'tie down straps'.

1 Cooler Box
Duct Tape
Tie Down Straps

AND a 5 Liter Water bottle with a seal-able lid (OR any other container that can be sealed)
This will be used to Further Ferment it later (important - this carbonates it and makes that beer foam we all love)

Step 3: Preparing the Pineapples / Ingredients

Picture of Preparing the Pineapples / Ingredients

Important: if you are not adding your own yeast, you will need to leave the skin of the pineapple on when you cut it up!

So now you will have to take your pineapples, and cut them into decently sized chunks/cubes, preferably at least an inch across.

Other Ingredients (other than pineapples): You will need plenty of sugar (Generally, the more sugar there is, the more can be converted into alcohol, and the stronger your beer will be. BUT be careful! Too much sugar calls for far too sweet Pineapple Beer!)

Cinnamon: For flavor, not too much either.

Water: Just enough water to cover the pineapples in the cooler-box.

maxwellr4 days ago
Please give an idea of how much sugar...1 cup...2 cups? I dont want to make a terrible first batch
rvwilliams (author) 16 days ago

A few years down the line, and I've updated it everyone :)

Didn't realize that this was top 3 on Google for Pineapple Beer!

Fixed up the method, made it more clear and concise. Removed some unneeded information, fixed grammar.

Enjoy all :)

vodka and other liquor isn't fermented like this or rice wine or say beer... it isn't "over boiled potatoes fermented". its actually distilled... little more than just over boiled.

fguglielmi1 year ago

I'll try this recipe as soon as I can, but, can you tell me if is possible to bottle it? And how long does it lasts after done?

cortes962 years ago
You make any new instructables?
cortes962 years ago
Awesome... Just now where to hide it XP
14 is too young to drink. :p
Really good instructable though.