Beer Lid Pin





Introduction: Beer Lid Pin

this was an instructable i came up with off the top of my head while drinking a corona and only used what supplies that were in arms reach. this is more of a good idea rather than good instructable because im sure many people can do a much better job. i just thought it would be cool to share. thanks!

Step 1: Drink Your Beer

drink your beer and carefully pry the lid open. I didn't think of this instructable until i damaged the lid but continued to proceed with instructable anyhow :D

Step 2: The Stuffing!

what i did, was (and again, supplies in arms reach) cut out a circle piece of cardboard from a minute maid container and cut small notches around the circle and could fold over to flap over some q tip cotton. lol

Step 3: Finish Up!

in the final step there are numerous different things you can do to make this better like add clear tape over the top to give it a glossy look or add super glue for a better seal I also didn't have the actual pin part to add on but again I thought this would be a cool idea to share. carefully fold over edges of cap glue down freshen up add pin and boom! your awesome now in a short period of time :) enjoy



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    I'm sorry, I didn't get a bit the idea what accually do with this unstructable work you show us

    Thank you anyway

    it was a rather quick and sloppy instructable, but i was sharing the idea of making pins you can wear or use for decoration.