Step 4: Fill the Bottle With Cleaning Solution

Fill the bottle with whatever beer line cleaning solution you use. I fill mine about 1/2 full (about 1 Liter).
&nbsp;Nice idea. However, what kind of kegerator (kit) do you use..?? or more specifically, what kind of beer lines/nuts. I spent an hour in the hardware store (fortunately I took the coupler &amp; tap) trying to find anything like the nylon adaptor you used, but nothing was even close to fitting. The nut at the end of the beer lines has a very different threading than anything they had in the hardware store.<br /> <br /> I think I will still try to make something similar to this, but I bought an adapter that fits in place of the tap instead; I will clamp some tubing to it, and may make something similar to attach to a pressurized bottle (although, when pouring from the top, gravity is probably sufficient).<br />
My kegerator is a Vissani (I didn't use a kegerator kit), which is made by Magic Chef. As far as I know, the beer line is standard, but I'm not sure. Like you, I brought the coupler and hose into Lowes to find a fitting that fit. The fitting I&nbsp;used is a 1/4&quot; barb to 1/2&quot; MIP adapter (Lowes part number A-193B).<br /> <br /> You are probably right that gravity should be sufficient.<br /> <br /> Good luck!<br /> <br /> <h2 class="posttitle icon">&nbsp;</h2> <br />
Hmm i did something very similar with a old pump i had cos it was out of a car windscreen Washer jet I made a bottle like this and made it pump Baby sterlising fluid all day

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