Picture of Beer bottle fire lamp
Been drinking?

Bit dark?

Maybe it's time to tidy up, do the recycling, open the curtains, or instead you could make a few nice beer bottle lamps and say it's a new trend, if your place is a pit then the materials will be less then a few feet from you, in the rare case that you're tidy then you may need to walk to the kitchen...

Step 1: House-hold materials!!!

Picture of house-hold materials!!!
These are the house hold materials you'll need to make the lamp:

  • beer bottle (a clear or green one is best)(i used a Chinese one)
  • cotton balls (no substitutes!)
  • a sheet foil (any will do)

To use it you need these:
  • liquid fuel (denatured alcohol and canola oil are good)
  • a source of ignition (matches, lighters, anything will do)

Stuff you Might need
  • funnel
  • an upside down bowl, or something else to snuff out the flame, for when you're done...
  • a fire extinguisher? i hope you won't need one...
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playafamily6 months ago

sweet will have to try this

beehard444 years ago
the first version looks like a molotov cocktail
Goodhart6 years ago
As fuels, I would think that Lamp oil, or kerosene might work well too (and they will not evaporate like alcohol does).
AnarchistAsian (author)  Goodhart6 years ago
i knows. =)
its good to use like vegetable oil because if you knock it over it doesnt catch on fire
You might have a problem putting it out if it does though (its VERY hard to put out once you manage to set it on fire - just something to remember)
Smother it with baking soda, salt, dirt, or a fire extinguisher.
well, if kerosene is not at the temp for combustion, it doesn't burn either, and needs to be wicked (I tried lighting some I had spilled on the macadam once...and couldn't. Although if you have enough of a flame and enough kerosene, it would....
AnarchistAsian (author)  Goodhart6 years ago
yes yes, very true...

i prefer not to though, because kerosene very often contains chemicals that can cause cancer...

cancer = scary
True, I am not so sure how well veggie oil will burn, it would be better to be able to adjust the wick so you get less smoking (burning any oil, even vegetable oil, can produce carcinogens); of course, this may just be true of any less volatile fuel.
AnarchistAsian (author)  Goodhart6 years ago
oh yeah, but there is a slight difference...

if they're not required to say that on the label, the amounts are very small.

yeah, soot and other bi-products of burning could be bad for health, but it's very unlikely, i think....

and kerosene can have certain chemicals in it that are carcinogenic, even when not burnt.

eh, i like denatured alcohol!
As long as the lamp gets used often OR the alcohol is put away in a sealed container when not in use for a period of time (to avoid evaporation) and one takes precaution not to tip the bottle over then it is probably the best fuel
AnarchistAsian (author)  Goodhart6 years ago
it's pretty safe and versatile. it's a solvent it burns hot (and blue) BONUS! evaporation can be good and bad... (if it spills, there's nothing to clean up) can be put out with water can burn, even with water in it cheap enough... i really like it, as a liquid fuel
forgot one......if spilled when lit, spreads like....well....a burning liquid :-)
AnarchistAsian (author)  Goodhart6 years ago
good and bad i guess... i forgot another! -you can use a trail of it as a fuse! great for lighting alcohol jets...
quite a handy trait for use in your bedroom or den LOL
AnarchistAsian (author)  Goodhart6 years ago
*burn* *burn* *burn* FSSSHSHHHHHHHSHSHSHHSHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


and NOW where will you sleep ? LOL
AnarchistAsian (author)  Goodhart6 years ago
hmmm... there must be some ibles on shelters right?
AnarchistAsian (author)  Goodhart6 years ago
*burn* *burn* *burn* FSSSHSHHHHHHHSHSHSHHSHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



oh no! not the back yard!
tee-pees are mobile....pick it up and run....
AnarchistAsian (author)  Goodhart6 years ago
*burn* *burn* *burn* FSSSHSHHHHHHHSHSHSHHSHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



oh no! not the tipi! yes yes, it can be spelled both ways...
*burn* *burn* *burn* FSSSHSHHHHHHHSHSHSHHSHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


oh no!not the planet!
AnarchistAsian (author)  Derin6 years ago
you ever tried gasoline and coated the tip in thermite?
AnarchistAsian (author)  mettaurlover6 years ago
no, that thing would EXPLODE EVERYWHERE AND SETT MAH HOUSE ON FI-YAH!!!!!!!!!!! besides, thermite wouldn't do a thing.... just set it off faster... i guess....
i think thats why he mentioned thermite lol

AnarchistAsian (author)  sharlston6 years ago
it would just burn the wick away and leave it useless, soooo....
Derin Goodhart6 years ago
are tee-hees mobile?
Goodhart Derin6 years ago
they can be moved, although they are not on wheels :-)
maybe you could build one on the back of a trailer then it would be a trailer hee?
wouldn't a trailer-she be preferable?
maybe yes lol
Derin Goodhart6 years ago
Goodhart Derin6 years ago
tee-hee ?
i like alcohol as well

we could be alcohol buddies lol =)
But now days just about everything gives you cancer
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