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I run music events in pubs and bars and get aggravated by how many people waste beer mats. Whether they are being thrown at people, soaked by spilt drinks or torn up for no reason, the poor little things are always going to waste. I realized that they are made from pretty strong card and i decided they could have a use other than to sit beer on. So here we go, an incredibly simple and pretty much FREE iPhone stand that is durable and easy to make. 

Step 1: What you need

Picture of What you need
All you need is .....

3 - Beer mats/coasters (maybe have 1 or 2 spare)
1 - glue stick (preferably pvc)
1 - pair of scissors
mrmath3 years ago
Real comment time. You could make two more struts with your extras, and glue them on top of the inner struts you talk about in 4, but at right angles. That way the flaps will help to support the base for the phone a little better.
god1066 (author)  mrmath3 years ago
I am trying to envision what you mean, but struggling for some reason lol. Maybe make one and post a pic of it with the new strut method? thanks for checking it out. Its my first instructable lol.
mrmath god10663 years ago
Imagine taking the two inner struts, and rotating them. The one on the left gets rotated 1/4 counter-clockwise, and the one on the right gets rotated 1/4 clockwise. But instead of getting rid of the two inner struts, you just add two more struts on top of the two inner struts, and rotate them 1/4 turn.
god1066 (author)  mrmath3 years ago
I understand now, I think ... Lol. Good suggestion :) will give it a go some time. Thanks for the help
mrmath3 years ago
I'm with you on the first and last part being wastes. But they aren't ruined by soaking up spilled drinks. That's the point of them. Protect the wood by letting the little paper squares soak up the liquid. They are fulfilling their dreams, man! Let them get wet, I say! :)
god1066 (author)  mrmath3 years ago
The are indeed ;). i was just jesting lol. I do think making a phone stand out of them is cool though.