I decided having something to sling on as an extra layer round camp fires, bbqs, at home or away would be extremely handy. A poncho/ tabard type item seemed to fit the bill. Remembering a bag of old bar towels I had been keeping from when my Dad worked for a brewery company and owned a pub, the "bar-towel-poncho" quickly followed.

Finally, a fun way to unleash the bar towels from the loft and into use!  I always thought they were too important souvenirs to just mop up beer spills. The added bonus is that since they are towels the poncho could also be a bathrobe / towel too, hello added functionality.

Given we are mid-winter in West Wales, I wasn't convinced just one towelling layer would always be enough, hence I decided to make a detachable extra layer. Having it detachable also makes it easier for washing and drying too, hooray!

For the other side, I used bits of an old throw and blanket. 

So, I hope the Instructable helps give you an insight as to how this was put together and inspires you to modify and make your own version :)

Step 1: Gather Up Materials

Making a poncho can be a lot simpler than this, square piece of material, cut hole in middle, job done  (see this for an example http://sewing.about.com/library/weekly/aa072904a.htm).

If you want to go for the versatile, double layered design feature you'll need:
  • Towelling material (maybe old bath towels, tea towels, bath robes would fit the bill)
  • A warm layer (old fleece jackets, throws, blankets etc).
The larger the pieces of both you have, the less time and faffing needed!
  • Sewing machine, pins, scissors, thread, and fasteners (to join the two layers together): I used large poppers/ press studs.
Loving the way this turned out! After trying it on I can defiantly say it is indeed warms and snug. Now if only you had more beer towels to make me one ;)<br>And if only I could wear it safely in the workshop .<br><br>Do you think it would be cool in the summer (just one layer obviously), as a sort of loose-flappy-keep-the-sun-off garment?
Workshop warmer next project then perhaps! <br>Yeah, beach/ summer sun protection another use to add to the list, thoughlighter colours would be better for this.<br><br>Thanks :)
This is a whole damn bag full of niftyness, I love it.

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