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I decided having something to sling on as an extra layer round camp fires, bbqs, at home or away would be extremely handy. A poncho/ tabard type item seemed to fit the bill. Remembering a bag of old bar towels I had been keeping from when my Dad worked for a brewery company and owned a pub, the "bar-towel-poncho" quickly followed.

Finally, a fun way to unleash the bar towels from the loft and into use!  I always thought they were too important souvenirs to just mop up beer spills. The added bonus is that since they are towels the poncho could also be a bathrobe / towel too, hello added functionality.

Given we are mid-winter in West Wales, I wasn't convinced just one towelling layer would always be enough, hence I decided to make a detachable extra layer. Having it detachable also makes it easier for washing and drying too, hooray!

For the other side, I used bits of an old throw and blanket. 

So, I hope the Instructable helps give you an insight as to how this was put together and inspires you to modify and make your own version :)
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Step 1: Gather up materials

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Making a poncho can be a lot simpler than this, square piece of material, cut hole in middle, job done  (see this for an example

If you want to go for the versatile, double layered design feature you'll need:
  • Towelling material (maybe old bath towels, tea towels, bath robes would fit the bill)
  • A warm layer (old fleece jackets, throws, blankets etc).
The larger the pieces of both you have, the less time and faffing needed!
  • Sewing machine, pins, scissors, thread, and fasteners (to join the two layers together): I used large poppers/ press studs.
Loving the way this turned out! After trying it on I can defiantly say it is indeed warms and snug. Now if only you had more beer towels to make me one ;)
And if only I could wear it safely in the workshop .

Do you think it would be cool in the summer (just one layer obviously), as a sort of loose-flappy-keep-the-sun-off garment?
dancing_sam (author)  bongodrummer3 years ago
Workshop warmer next project then perhaps!
Yeah, beach/ summer sun protection another use to add to the list, thoughlighter colours would be better for this.

Thanks :)
This is a whole damn bag full of niftyness, I love it.
dancing_sam (author)  MissouriVillian3 years ago