Step 7: Bend up the spoke for attachment

Picture of Bend up the spoke for attachment
This is hard for me, and I sometimes wish for a jig. But, we're almost done!

First, bend the cap and mirror about *that* much. It's a little past 90 degrees.

Then measure about 7cm from the initial bend for the first little loop. You want the mirror to not interfere with your helmet visor, if you have one.

Bend the spoke 90 degrees, in the opposite direction from your initial bend.
Then grab it with a needle-nose pliers and bend it backthrough 180 degrees, making a tight little loop. Pinch that loop together with your pliers. Bend the rest of the spoke back out, following its original line.

Move down the spoke about 1cm, and repeat the bending process to make another loop. Do it one more time.

Finally, cut off the remaining piece of spoke (if you started with a long one). I usually use a dremel to make it smooth there, but that's not necessary.