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Introduction: Beer&Butter Asparagus

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These make great side and takes 5 to 7 min to cook.

Simple and easy but Tasty Tasty Tasty.

Step 1: Ingredients

1. Asparagus a bunch- cut one inch off the lower stem of these thin asparagus.
2. Butter 1 tablespoon.
3. Any beer- I am using blue moon -1/4 cup.
4. Sea Salt to taste
5. Pepper or any seasoning - garlic or 21 seasoning - I got it from Trader Joes.

Step 2: Cooking

Heat the girdle first for 5 mins. then Add butter to the griddle. if cooking inside remember to turn on the exhaust fan.
Now add the quickly Asparagus. sprinkle the seasoning over and lour 1/4th cup of beer on the asparagus. Turn over the Asparagus and let the beer evaporate.
Now just serve it. Serve it hot.

Step 3: Serve With Baked or Fried Chicken or Fish As I Have Done.



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    Ooh, this looks so tasty!