Introduction: Beercan Mosquito Repellent Cum Camping Light.

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Empty beer cans or any drink cans make wonderful lamps while camping.

We use these as an insect repellent too.

Step 1:

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All you need is

a tin can, in this case I use RED BULL can...OK first enjoy the drink in it and wash it .


a tea light and insect repellent liquid.

Step 2:

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Make a vertical slit in the can.

At both ends of the vertical slit make 2 horizontal slits, such that you have cut a large H in the can when held horizontally.(see Picture if still not clear)

Step 3:

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Open up on both sides of the long verticle slit, like a window.

Round of the sharp corners of the cut flaps to make it safer to handle.

Make the can stand upside down i.e. open end down.

Step 4:

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Place a tea light inside. L

Light it up.

Pour some water in the shallow upper end.

Add a few drops of repellent liquid.

Step 5:

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VernJones (author)2015-07-21

While these are a directional light source, I have been using these little lanterns since I can remember, they work very well in extremely low light conditions. Because of the tea lights limited light source, making a few of them for a small area doesn't hurt, and as long as the cans tab hasn't been bent and twisted repeatedly they can be hung very easily. I never would have thought to turn one into a makeshift oil burner like you have, that's absolutely genius!!! Thank you so much. A tip I found that helps out quite a bit is to partially "hammer" the center down so it lays somewhat concave for the candle to sit. Hope that helps :-)

CatherineP2 (author)2015-07-07

use half a tea light rather than water as it lasts and lasts, add few drops of citronella or other insect repellant.

Sunglowart (author)CatherineP22015-07-07

You propose adding citronella to the candle wax,.... Did i get you right?

john.averick.1 (author)2015-07-05

I believe that would work if you had a few of them. And I like the idea of the duel purpose, Light to see by also.

Yes, actually the shiny surface of the tinreflects the light and doubles it.

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