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The ultimate beach party accessory, the beerkini is part sexy bikini, part bottle opener!  Make your own custom beerkini with this free pattern, or transform your own swimsuit with a couple simple mods.  Either way, you're sure to be the hit of the party with this fun and functional suit!

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

I ended up using almost a yard of lycra and half a yard of the power net (a stretchy mesh).  This was mostly because I was experimenting a lot.  Once you have your pattern made, you should easily be able to determine how much material you need.

I opted for two bottle openers, which I got from Amazon.com.

I also used swimsuit elastic for the bottoms (won't break down in chlorine), and clear elastic for the top, and a hook for the back.

You can also add modesty cups for the top, or underwires, or even padded cups.  I tried this out, and decided not to use them.
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nudim1 month ago

Wow looks amazing!!!

baecker031 year ago
when wearing it, do you feel like there is enough support? IE it won't move around while wearing it?
Sarah, you're the only one that could top GiannyL. Boss.
Great way to cool off at the beach: open all the icy beers.
Puma682 years ago
My wife thought this was GENIUS, as did I.
We adore clever creations.
sabu.dawdy2 years ago
another WOW-ible ;)
mstyle1833 years ago
wow .. i saw something similar when looking for bottle openers i was thinking on doing this for my wife.. like a clip on she could add to her bikinis .. great stuff!!
Mrballeng3 years ago
Looks like "how to kiss" by noahw will now be the second most viewed instructable.
scoochmaroo (author)  Mrballeng3 years ago
Now that is flattery!!
DIY-Guy aeray3 years ago
Um, my wife tried to do this snap a cap on the hip thing for me and it fell off... and I don't mean the beer cap!

Good thing it was a private showing!
I think I need one. This is much better than I could have ever imagined. :D
scoochmaroo (author)  jessyratfink3 years ago
Thanks! I highly recommend the method mentioned in step 6. . .
you talk like it was not fun to make the swimsuit... nice work and impressive that a girl that can make such tasty looking food can pull off a bikini.
Although, honestly, just about anyone can pull off a bikini.. 

(bu-dum ching!)
Cool link!
80$man3 years ago
Follow my chain of thought...
girls & beer... can it get any better? it could yes...
girls with beer... can it get any better? maybe...
girls who open beer... can it get any better? possibly...
girls who pass out opened beer... can it get any better? hardly...
girls who pass out opened beer in bikinis... can it get any better? no...
girls who pass out beer opened with their bikinis... ok... I was wrong... scoochmaroo why did you get married, can I clone you? [Kidding]

My girlfriend is wearing one of these in December Holiday, full stop .
My moustache approves of this, and he is usually right on these sort of things.
susanrm3 years ago
How very cool. I have a one-piece that has a loop holding two parts together, so I think it could be adapted to that. Yay, but what would this be called? A beerpiece? Hmm...

Very cool -ible. And sorry you weren't in NY at the Maker Faire; I would have loved to meet you! Even wore my pendant that you admired.
Yowza! Can you believe it took me a few minutes to realize that were additional pages to this instructable? Haha, well done!
billhorvath3 years ago
To paraphrase Mel Brooks, 'It's good to be the beer.' :)
Kiteman3 years ago
Oh my word - talk about search engine optimisation...
aeray Kiteman3 years ago
+1. Talk about exposing yourself...
Kiteman aeray3 years ago
Haha, I just googled for "beerkini", and this instructable came out first.

You'd have thought that was obvious, but the second hit was a website called "beerkini"!
chrisbaker3 years ago
Surely I'm not the first person to notice the word spelled by the bikini parts in photo 3 of step 3, am I? Seems like those pieces should be for the top of the bikini!
uptight3 years ago
obvious that you need a beautiful model for this!
vincent75203 years ago
cool !…
But at the nudist camp we spend our vacations in we have alternative natural means of opening a bottle and all quite organic… let me tell you !!!…
very cool! :D
hammer98763 years ago
Would make a nice tan line, too.
I've seen this before, but not with a heart shape, makes it much better!

(Also I have to let my inner child out... step 3, picture 3 says TiT.)
clockdryve3 years ago
I like Turtles....

Besides that, I think your picture of the "splashing" coka cola is HOT :-)

Not being a perv --- but that would SALE some soda..........

but i agree :)
cbaron33 years ago
That model is the ultimate beach party accessory.
fidibiri3 years ago
I can't tell what is the sexiest... the girl, the beer, the idea... this combo is such an epiphany...
and as the party wears on more and more drunks will be reaching for your top and bottoms with great enthusiasm
caarntedd3 years ago
Ha ha! The shot with the bottle spraying looks like it could be a beer advertisement!
This caught my eye because I did something like this years ago, (as well as the fact that the title contains the word "beer").
Before I went to a party, I tucked a bottle opener into the bottom corner of my shirt where the bottom hem and the doubled over bit that the button holes go through form a little pocket. The shirt lasted all of about two hours before it was destroyed by the bottle caps and the opener fell out, but it was the hit of the party.
 I'd forgotten all about it until I saw this.Very cool and very funny, thanks for sharing.
Yet i shouldnt be talking about drinking, im underage, but i dont drink, so its ok :P
Hey, use it to open bottled root beer! :D
True :D
lemonie3 years ago
The beer-spill is very nicely captured.

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