Introduction: Beerrings

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So aye, beer and earrings. There's a connection, actually I think it was whiskey that night, I also tried to steal a christmas tree for some reason... But aye, I woke up with the piercing the beering's in about a year ago... 

So this makes perfect sense. 


I will get a woman to wear these! Without getting slapped or some speech about "trashy this" and "hillbilly that" 

*Again with the re-evaluate your life speech... This is the Beer Bangle all over again... 

There's more of this malarkey over on my site -

Any way... 

Step 1: Tools and Materials

 - Beer caps
 - Spare earring (Whoever left this here, my bad...) 

 - Pliers
 - Knife

If your project hasn't got a knife then it needs a hammer. If it has neither you must be knitting. 

Step 2: Cut the Cap

Cut a slit in the rim of the cap where you want the top of the earring to be. 

I just cut it with a knife, tin snips would probably be safer - if you're in to that sort of thing. 

Step 3: Mutilate Earring

So this dangly earring was lying about. 

I undid the hoops that stop it all coming to bits by slipping the tip of a knife in to the hoop and turning it. 

I took of them spangly lookin' beads and bent the hanging bit in to a shape it'd sit in behind the cap in. 

Step 4: Put It in the Slit

Slide the bottom hangy bit in to the slit.

Push it down and get it in the right position. 

Step 5: Close the Slit

With pliers, squash the ridges either side of the slit - this'll close it around the wire tightly, making the earring a thing. 

I suppose you could glue it if your slit was too wide but this is really solid. 

Step 6: Go Drinkin'

Go show off your new ear ornament, go show'em how you drink round here. 



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    They're pretty.
    Looks like the depth of the eco-recycling craze of the 60's has come to new highs.

    Alcoholic swag is what you have there, sir. Well done! Most excellent design.

    Clever! Thanks for sharing your beerrings! Have a splendorous day!

    1 reply

    Just straight up liked your instructable. It was fun to read, as well as a nifty idea! Thanks

    1 reply

    Hey, knitting needles are handy tools too....helped fix a truck with them once...just sayin'

    KillerJack: You're now... officially... a Rock Star!!!

    1 reply

    Ha! Why so...

    They called me that for ages on the music scene, then they switched to "The producer"