Picture of Robot Beetle Ringo

I want to introduce Beetle Ringo. That’s a six-legged robot controlled by any IR remote (some TV remote e.g.) you can find around.

It is a small and easy weekend Arduino project with big ambitions: on the one hand you don't need any complicated parts or smart skills to make it and on the other hand this is a real mobile robotic platform. It will take you only a day to build it and you can spend many days developing it. I hope this project will be useful for beginners: we can make these first steps together and have the robot you can improve in future.

The photo you see above is my previous release of the robot. It is very easy to make it, but this time I want to simplify it even more. I decided to avoid soldering. A lot of beginners are afraid of it. I can understand them: new tools, materials, experience. The project will become a headache if you see a soldering iron for the first time. So let's exclude it!

Another common beginner's fear is programming. Beetle Ringo is a real robot and of course it has a program. But this program is already completed and you can find it and download from the project's page on GitHub. This is an opensource project and you can fork it (copy the source code) and modify it as you wish. At this point Ringo could be a good start to learn programming.

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vovkulaka made it!9 months ago

I changed a few design ... But the whole idea is taken from you) Thanks for a great guide!))

kosovar made it!9 months ago

Great beetle! Thank you!

mlukyanov9 months ago


Дмитрий огромное спасибо за статью! Постараемся повторить!

Спалила коробка с надписью "Скрепки" :))))

DmitryDzz (author)  mlukyanov9 months ago

Shh... Don't tell a soul :)

I saw your site and the 1st place in robotics competition. Congratulations! That's great! I hope you'll like Ringo

SuperTech-IT9 months ago


DmitryDzz (author) 9 months ago

A puzzle! My friends asked me: "Why the beetle's name is Ringo?"

There is an answer :) It is in my last video (step 9)

sunshiine9 months ago

I love this and the music! thanks for sharing your hard work and have fun with them!


DmitryDzz (author)  sunshiine9 months ago

Thank you!

When he turns around, he looks like he's dancing :D

DmitryDzz (author)  Penolopy Bulnick9 months ago

He can dance! :)

Take a look at the last step

I clicked on that video right after I commented! I just love it :D