I love salads and I keep experimenting for making simple yet delicious salads. This is my first instructable and I am going to show you how to make a delicious yet simple to make Beetorange (Beet & Orange, the name sounds cool...?? :)) Salad. Besides being delicious, its a very healthy salad too.

Does it tempts you? :). Lets get started.

Step 1: Ingredients

Below are the ingredients for 1-2 serving (check out the Image for some ingredients)
  1. 2 Medium sized firm naval oranges (if you have seedless or Sunkist, that's even better). I had Indian Nagpuri oranges.
  2. 2 Small beets.
  3. Some extra virgin olive oil.
  4. Some fresh basil leaves (You can also use dried ones or mixed herbs like oregano, thyme and basil). I have basil in my kitchen garden :)
  5. Some powdered black pepper.
  6. Some salt to add taste.
  7. Kitchen tools: A sharp knife, kitchen board.
  8. Some utensil to steam, I used pressure cooker. You can do this as per your convenience.
  9. A medium sized serving bowl.
Lets start with preparation in next step.
Will have it for breakfast on weekend! Thanks!
Thanks you so much!
It looks scrumptious :) and easy to make too. I love salads and I am definitely going to try this one. Well explained for your very first iBle. <br>Thanks
Thank you very much!!

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