Picture of Beetroot Beer
Everythig start when a friend of mine tell me about how Russians Made their sugar. they use Beetroot! so that means beetroot have sugar, then it can be used as source for fermentation.

This instructable will show you how to make your own Beetroot beer.

This one i made only for test, let see if it works
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Step 1: Ingredients & Utensils

Picture of Ingredients & Utensils

400ml (13.5Oz) of Water
1 Beetroot
10g (0.35Oz) of Yeast

500ml PET Bottle
a Knife
a Shredder

Step 2: Let's peel it

Picture of let's peel it
First Peel the Beetroot, it's not much Dificult, but a bit Frustrating if you don't know how (My Situation)

Step 3: Shred the beetroot

Picture of Shred the beetroot
Take your Shredder and... well... Shred the beetroot. i used only Half of the beetroot but, you may use a whole betroot if you want a stronger beetroot taste.

Step 4: Put it all together

Picture of Put it all together
Now add all the ingredients on the Bottle
The beetroot the water and the yeast
Then Cap it and Shake it

Step 5: Let it Sit

Picture of Let it Sit

Let it sit somewhere where it will not be disturbed. After one hour the foam will start to grow, thats a signal that the yeast is working.

I will post the results on the next week, with the alcool % and other results.

Step 6: Results

Picture of Results
OK it wasn't a total failure, My objective of making Alchool from Beetroot was reached, Although the smell was horrible and the taste well... you know what it taste don't you? based on the scent of alcohol i can say it was about 6% or less

I will Made some modifications On the plans and Edit this instructables with the new steps
May be... just a C02 Trap... May be.