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I bought my home at the end of October 2014 and spent 4 months looking at this awful garden through winter. I just couldn't handle looking at it any longer, so I decided I would have to do something about it. I really couldn't afford to get anyone to help me (very tight budget),
so I decided I would do it on my own. I am 5'3" tall and a 45 year old woman, so I'm VERY proud of myself for this. I wanted a woodland feel.

This image was taken at the end of March beginning of April 2015
Before, During and After

Step 1:

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In total this has taken me around 5 solid 8 hour days to get it complete (this has been spread over a period of time but if I did it all in one go that is about how long it would have taken), this includes laying down the weed control fabric, spreading out 3 tonne of gravel, lifting and relaying the slabs and building the decked area and raised border (made from old used scaffolding boards)
cost -
- weed control fabric (this was also used for the small front garden area too) £35
- 3 tonne of gravel (this was also used for the small front garden area too) £120
- decked area and raised border (used scaffolding boards) £380
Total cost £535


Step 2:

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I made a bird feeding station out of willow tree branches that had been cut down and given to me I stripped the bark off and screwed it all together

Step 3:

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This is a picture of the completed garden taken from the window above at the Beginning of April before I had a chance to paint the fence and shed and before summer had a chance to make my vegetation grow

Step 4:

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This is a picture of the completed garden taken from the window above 3 months later in July (I love it)

Step 5:

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This is the original pond I put in, I wasn't expecting to have any fish just water plants so it is very small (Bermuda 'COVE')

Step 6:

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As you can see it is rather small.

Anyway I went out one day and saw 4 little goldfish... guess what... yes that's right I bought them... so now I need a bigger pond...

Step 7:

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OK so now I needed a bigger pond... (Oh like I hadn't given myself enough work to do..) so I went out and got bigger pond, double the size of the little one I had... and so the fun begins

Step 8:

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The new one (Bermuda 'SANDS') is double the size but it looks a lot bigger to me

Step 9:

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This photo gives you an idea of the difference in size

Step 10:

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I love the new pond and it is a better size for the fish as they will grow to 20cm each

Step 11:

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I also got to put a nice waterfall feature over the pond with rocks.

Step 12:

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The fish love it too


sfagan (author)2016-04-03

Amazing and Inspiring,thanks for sharing.

cinzanno (author)sfagan2016-04-04

Thank you for your kind words

MyDIYProjects (author)2015-08-26

I was hoping you would give more information on how you did the construction of the aviary and the deck. It is all just so cool!

cinzanno (author)MyDIYProjects2015-08-26

Thank you, the aviary is 2x2 wood, each panel consists of 2pieces at 6foot long and 3 pieces at 3foot long, the staple gun the mesh to it and make enough panels for the size aviary you want and screw it all together, I am sure you could google aviary plans on google and download exact plans for the siz e you want to make for free

I hope this helps

MyDIYProjects (author)cinzanno2015-08-26

Thank you so much!

AlexA33 (author)2015-08-26

The Soil protection allows the rainwater to penetrate?
Or got the waterproof ground?

It is important to keep the permealibidade the ground to ensure that living water tables.

The nature thanks.

cinzanno (author)AlexA332015-08-26

Yes I know. It is heavy duty weed control fabric water can easily get through it. It is just thicker than the cheap weed control stuff you get on the market these days, that is why looks like a solid sheet :)

SheriMaz (author)2015-08-24

Girl Power !!!

cinzanno (author)SheriMaz2015-08-24

Total girl power ?

dlowe5 (author)2015-08-22

Such a beautiful oasis! I would enjoy coming home after a long work day and puttering around relaxing myself feeding the fish, dead heading blooms and restocking the bird feeder. I would be very proud of myself too! Congratulations on hard work done well!!!

cinzanno (author)dlowe52015-08-22

thank you I do relax to the flow of the fountain water

Nancy Motes (author)cinzanno2015-08-24

I love what you've accomplished! You should be very proud of yourself because your hard work and planning and talent to see the big picture really paid off for you. Good health and happiness to you.

cinzanno (author)Nancy Motes2015-08-24

thank you Nancy Motes very kind of you to say.

Doc Wyoming (author)2015-08-23

You're just like Mr. Miyagi!

cinzanno (author)Doc Wyoming2015-08-24

Short and old..... Lol?

susanlancia (author)2015-08-22

This is a great relaxing place to enjoy the birds and fish and plants. Will the fish be able to stay out all winter? Will the pond freeze over?

cinzanno (author)susanlancia2015-08-24

Thank you
Re the pond freezing winter I cover it over with a clear polythene cover about 2m x 2m using the aviary to give it about 60cm of height at one end then slopes down (if that makes sense) this stops it freezing, and if it snows I have to go shake the snow off... But in the UK I have spilled more flour on a countertop baking than the amount of snow we get... ?

Rodeodog (author)2015-08-22

Great transformation of your garden. How do you keep the pond water clear and clean? Filters in the circulation (waterfall) system? One more, who is Luigi?

cinzanno (author)Rodeodog2015-08-22

Luigi is my parrot he only goes outside into his aviary with me he does not stay out there permanently

The pond is a lot clearer now... But this is all I have done

The pond has about 200 litres of water and has a simple pump 1000l p/h pumping to the waterfall and one air stone these both run from 7am-10pm, I have placed a pond bomb (cost around £12-£14) this is doing a great job and has lasted about a month and is still doing a great job I can see it sitting at the bottom of the pond, every 2 days I will use 2 buckets of the pond water on my plants and replace it with fresh water so I never do a heavy water change... And the plants seem to thrive on the water from the pond

I hope this helps

Rodeodog (author)cinzanno2015-08-22

That helped a lot, thank you. The aquaponics aspect (2 buckets of water/wk) is a good idea. You did a great job!

cinzanno (author)Rodeodog2015-08-24

Thank you Rodeodog

cinzanno made it! (author)cinzanno2015-08-22

you can see the stones at the bottom now

snevetsllib (author)2015-08-22

Great job...inspires me.

cinzanno (author)snevetsllib2015-08-22

Thank uou

Windella7799 (author)2015-08-22

Beautiful job! Looks so relaxing!

cinzanno (author)Windella77992015-08-22

Thank you it is very relaxing

arowe3 (author)2015-08-22

What a great backyard! You did an amazing job.

cinzanno (author)arowe32015-08-22

Thank you

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-08-22

Very nice remodel

thank you

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