Introduction: Beggining Archery

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in this instructable I will show you all the basic needs for starting archery. If I forget something please tell me in the comments.

Step 1: The Bow

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Of course the most important part of archery is the bow. There are many types of bows and many brands. The type of bow is up to you. If you want to hunt I would start with a compound bow. compound bows are expensive but are easy to learn to shoot. traditional bows are harder to learn(in my opinion).Pictured above 1. Bear Archery Apprentice 2, 2. Oneida Aero Force.

Step 2: Arrows

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The second most important part of archery. Your arrows should also be at the bare minimum of 5 grains per pound of draw weight. Meaning if your draw weight is at 60 pounds you should have 300 grain arrows.

Step 3: Releases

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If you are going to use a compound bow there are many different things you will need. There are many kinds of realeses. Some are spring loaded witch means the close by itself. Others aren't. Your release should fit comfortably on your wrist and you should be able to fit all your fingers behind the trigger. Other releases are held in your hand.

Step 4: Sights

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There also many choices for sights. Different sights have different number of pins. The number of pins will determine how many distances you can be sighted in at.

Step 5: Stabilizers

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Stabilizers dampen noise and vibration. they can also help with balance.

Step 6: Targets

Many types of targets are available. it really doesn't matter as long as you shoot only the right types of arrow heads. But mostly for target practice you will be using field points.

Step 7: Conclusion

I hope this helped you out. Again if I missed anything or got something wrong please leave a comment.


Flenters (author)2015-07-14

Nothing much to add, except for, remember safety. When you draw a bow, draw it up, in other words, point the arrow to the ground and let the upward movement help draw the bow. I have seen a lot of people draw down, pointing the arrow up and moving it downward. If you draw down, and by accident the arrow loose, you may just shoot someone.

braviscows made it! (author)2015-03-18

I've got the same bow!

settingsdestroyer (author)2015-02-12

truly i would suggest the genesis compound classic bow for a beginer as it doesnt require most of the equipment shown (so saves money XD) and nice instructable :)

steven.wiley.14 (author)2015-02-12

Your arrow need to the right spine for the draw weight of your bow. Fail to do this and your arrow could blow up .

lkrewson (author)steven.wiley.142015-02-12

good point I forgot to add that

HowToWut (author)2015-02-12

Not to mention, this is just equip. What's out how to fire a bow. How to hold it. Stance ect

lkrewson (author)HowToWut2015-02-12

I'll try to add that soon

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