How to make a simple circut in the form of a wire game. 
When the wire loop touches the wire an led lights up.

Step 1: The Tools

You will need
Screw Driver
Wire Stripper or a Knife
Permament Marker
Thicker Wire
Thinner Flexible Wire
Coin Battery
Platform For All Of It

Step 2: The Wire

Cut off about 10 inches of the thicker wire.

Step 3: The Platform and Wire

Mark where you want to drill the holes then drill.  Then stick the wire through and  bend the ends so it wont fall out.  And slap some tape on it.

Step 4: The LED

Find a good spot for the LED and drill the hole for it and secure it with tape or hot glue.

Step 5: Prepare for the Electricity

Step 6: Done

You are done!  This is a simple circut that powers a simple circut.
<p>I've seen some fancy thing like this in a store. It's nice to see someone make it from scratch. Nicely done!</p>
nice innovation
awsome project<br>

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