Beginner 3D Printing Projects

por canida
These are super-easy projects for people just getting started with a 3D printer. Learn how to start with a 3D model template, perform some basic modifications, and print your customized project. These are perfect classroom projects.
Easy, but looks complex!
8.8K 77
A super quick-printing project with some cute and easy customization options.
18K 144
Use your own pictures in this template to make a beautiful lamp.
38K 320
A great personalized starter project. Everyone needs a nametag.
9.9K 59
Easy instructions for making your own 3D-printable Jack-o-Lantern.
12K 53
Super quick and basic, this is a great first 3D printing project.
12K 70
Print out the basic template, then modify for your own custom builds.
13K 124
Basic technique to turn most any model into a colorful lamp.
2.4K 21
Simple cord-holding button template you can modify.
4.6K 27
Super-easy highly-moddable project, will make nice custom gifts.
1.6K 4
Simple and fun!
8.9K 21