Beginner Hacker Tutorial Ep.1: Tracking Domain IP's


Introduction: Beginner Hacker Tutorial Ep.1: Tracking Domain IP's

Welcome, today I am going to show you how to track a websites IP

Firstly you want to go to the start menu and search "CMD" it should come up with cmd.exe just click on it and the command promt should open. Type "Tracert" type the website domain that you want to track and not" Then wait about two seconds and the IP should pop up.

Thats all, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, It would really help out if you went and followed me. Thank You



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    I don't know if this article is genuine or is ironic in some way, but to return the IP address of a domain you can simply do an nslookup.


    on windows system
    tracert mean traceroute. this command show way of your package from your pc to external net.
    on nix systems
    command traceroute....

    also check dig, nsloockup, ping, tracert/traceroute and .....