Beginners Electronics Projects

Instructables has a wealth of electronics projects for every skill level but sometimes it's hard to know where to start. Here's a handy guide to just a few basic projects to get you going. 
LED Throwies style
Developed by the Graffiti Research Lab a division of the Eyebeam R&D OpenLab, LED Throwies are an inexpensive way to add color to any ferromagnetic surface in your neighborhood. A Throwie consists of ...
ChapStick LED Flashlight style
This is an instructable on how to make a flashlight out of a ChapStick tube. After reading up on multiple LED instructables I thought it would be neat to make an original design that had not been don...
Dollar Store Parabolic Mic style
This is a ridiculously easy way to build a very functional parabolic microphone using mostly items purchased from one of those stores where everything is a dollar. Check out the original design at: .D...
Make A Water Leyden Jar style
Here is another type of high voltage capacitors - a Salt Water Leyden Jar!Don't know what a leyden jar is? No worries! Read here on Wikipedia!The water leyden jar is easier to make than a normal leyde...
Upcycle your old PC fans into mini wind generators style
Have stacks of old computer equipment gather dust ? Now you can put some of it to use! This instructable shows you how to use PC fans as mini wind generators for recharging solar lights and ni-cads. ...
How to build an LED Planetarium style
Everyone loves looking at the stars. Unfortunately, city lights, clouds and pollution often prevent this from being a frequent passtime. This instructable helps capture some of the beauty and most o...
Old-World Light Bulb Load style
When working with power electronics, quite often the right piece of test equipment is an old-fashioned incandescent lamp. They make good ballast resistors and dummy loads for a variety of devices. A...
Wire Loop Game style
This is one lesson from a Simple Circuit Unit that I created for middle school and high school students. It is fun and involves hands-on learning. For more cool hands-on engineering projects check o...
How to make a portable handy lie detector in Altoid tin style
Hi. I'm paewookyung, and this is my first posting in this site. please take note thatenglish is not my mother tongue. so please understand some of my gramatic mistake.;Anyway, let's get this started!T...
fruit clock style
this instructable will show you what fun you can have with fruit and time!!!