Introduction: Beginners Guide to Katana Sword Battling

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Wussup bruthas!

I recently have gotten 2 blunt rubber training katanas. Each one perfect for training sword duels. I thought it would be a great idea to show some basics for single AND DUEL WIELD! AWESOME, RIGHT! This instructible will show you basic blocks, attacks, combos(not mcdonalds meals), and exercises for your aspiring sword fighting needs.

Please enjoy this 'ible.

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Step 1: Selecting YOUR Weapon of Choice!

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This is mainly going to be targeted towards katanas, so if you had another sword in mind, too bad. :(

A good weapon is key to a sword fighter. You should use boffer weapons because you don't want to kill anyone, including yourself! I got my swords from True Swords. They have a great selection of weapons for surprisingly low prices. They are also quality weapons, so I suggest looking through their catalog and website.

Step 2: Basic Attacks

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I have listed some good attacks here. These are 1 to 2 handed, back and front attacks.


This is executed by gripping the sword with both hands, with the blade pointing up, and raising it above your head to gain momentum and power, before bringing it down at full speed.

Tricks: Use all of your available power for this. Your sword should hit the ground if no one is in front of you.

Effect: Your opponent will probably not be able to block this. It should leave him stunned even if he manages to keep your sword from hitting him. It is good for final blows.

Disadvantages: It is extremely slow, so you can be attacked before you manage to gain any power. Also, it leaves you partially stunned if your opponent blocks or evades the attack.


This is executed by lifting the sword up with one or two hands, and quickly bringing it down diagonally at your opponent's right or left shoulder.

Tricks: Use this slash often, in between quick and slow blows to confuse your opponent. If your opponent blocks it, then rebound and use it again.

Effects: Your opponent will most likely block this. Use it to parry blows.

Disadvantages: This really isn't used as an attack, you will probably never hit the opponent with one of these.


Use this in quick moments when your opponent is stunned or open. It is hard to deflect, even if you know it's coming. Execute it by thrusting your sword forward at your opponent.

Tricks: Do this quickly, or else your opponent will see it coming.

Effects: If your opponent can't block it, it will probably kill him.


Step 3: Blocks and Parrys

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Let's Start with the parry's. To parry is to deflect the opponent's sword out of the air with your sword. If you do this too hard, it will put you off balance. To light, and your opponent's sword will hit you.

Blocking is when you hold your sword out in a stable, firm position to stop your opponent's blow. Do this by holding out your sword with two hands where the opponent is attacking.

Step 4: Practice Makes Perfect!

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You always have to practice, whatever you do. Try running over your attacks, blocks, and parries. Try swinging 2 swords at a time to gain strength. Think about your fighting, dream about it. Run through motions, get others to fight you. Just don't do it once and say you're done. Be persistent. BE A BOSS!


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