Step 2: Arriving on the first day

Picture of Arriving on the first day
     When you get to the field for the first time you may or may not be already with your group and depending on how well the field is set up it might be confusing on where to go first and what you need to do. If theres a proshop on site then your best be is to go there and if thats not where you have to go to get your rental fee paid for or field fee or waiver turned in at least they can point you in the right direction. Remember it's important to ask questions if you have them, you want to ensure a good and safe time by knowing all that you need to.
     Also for saftey if you are a first timer, or new to the field they will probably have a little meeting between you and the head ref and any other new players to go over any questions and the rules, different game formats and other field specific policies, which can be a big help. They will also give you pointers and get you headed in the right direction so you have a good time playing.
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