Picture of Beheaded Doll Night Light
This is a Beheaded Doll Night Light.  It automatically turns on when it gets dark!

I am going to walk through how to create a Beheaded Doll Night Light such as the one I made.  This was inspired by Bot1398's Instructable "Light Sensing LEDs" and is primarily the foundation for this Instructable with my own added twist. 

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Step 1: Step 1: Parts, Tools, Supplies - oh my!

Picture of Step 1: Parts, Tools, Supplies - oh my!
Parts / Supplies:
- Arduino Uno
- Blue Through-Hole LEDs: $17.60 for 100 [Mouser]
     ^^^I chose these because I like blue, and these ones are extremely bright which I prefer. Bot1398 goes into more detail if you'd like a different color.
- HEATSHRINK FP301 1/8" WHITE: $2.23 for 5ft [Digi-Key]
- WIRE, 20AWG, STRN, WHITE: $10.95 for 100ft [Jameco]
     ^^^It doesn't matter what color you get, and if I were to do this again, I would actually use 2 different colors instead of one.
- USB Cable A-B: $5 for 6ft [Big Lots]
- Solder wire [Wal-Mart]
- Plain Solder Board [Not sure where to get it, my teacher gave it to me]
- Super Glue [Wal-Mart]
- Baby Doll Heads [Thrift Stores, Goodwill, or Hobby Lobby]
- Baby Doll Body Parts [Thrift Stores, Goodwill, or Hobby Lobby]
- Round Metal Wall Art: $9.98 on Clearance [Target]
     - Natural Jute Brown Twine [Hobby Lobby]
     - Huge plastic canvas needle [Hobby Lobby]

     ^^^ These items are only needed if you find Round Metal Wall Art!
- Lighter to burn baby dolls (OPTIONAL)

- Multimeter
- Breadboard
- Flashlight
- Arduino Uno
- Arduino Software
- Drill
- Soldering Iron
- Wire Strippers
- Wire cutter

rachel79896 months ago
this creeps me out
Twisted~Mind (author)  penguingirl9071 year ago
Aww, thanks!!! :)
lemon rind3 years ago
You would put this in a small child's room at night? You really are twisted >:)
Twisted~Mind (author)  lemon rind3 years ago
Only the naughty ones ;).
Jakwiebus3 years ago
that's pretty ...... disturbing
me likey

with my sisters grown up, we have a lot of spare Barbie dolls. I know what I'll be up to this summer :D
Twisted~Mind (author)  Jakwiebus3 years ago
Awesome! Creepy is what I was going for ;). I hope you have fun with it!