Why settle for a boring punchbowl at this year's Halloween party?  Why not make one the guests will never forget. (It may haunt them for years to come.)

This Instructable will show you the steps on how to transform a punchbowl into something more suitable for this haunting occasion.

Step 1: Gather Your Tools and Materials

Needed materials:

For the fountain and bowl:

A wicker basket
A small fountain pump
Rubber hose that fits the pump
Two large bowls (or a bowl and something else to hold a fountain pump and the punch)
Hardboard paneling (or sturdy cardboard)
A sheet, blanket or fabric that can be cut down to size.
A (fake) severed head. (Available at most good Halloween stores.  A baby doll head works too.)

For the dummy:
Three 8 foot length 2x4s.
Four 3.5 inch bolts with matching washers and nuts.
Box of 2.5 in wood screws.
A large robe style costume. (For ours, we used a friend's grim reaper costume and added to it other sheets of black fabric)

General tools:
Safety glasses
Power drill/screwdriver
Tape measure

i'll definitely have to make something like this next year...i've got a big bag of CPR dummy faces (don't ask why)...could make for some fun
Hell, I'm asking why! (about the heads)<br />
<p>well.....while messing around online...i found a place that sells them. that's one of those purchases you can't really pass up</p>

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