Picture of Belgium White Beer Bread
I love beer.  I love bread, but I really love beer bread.  The great thing about this recipe is that I use Belgian White style wheat beer, which works well in bread. 

Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients
You will need the following ingredients:
Baking Powder
Beer (Shock Top or Blue Moon are my favorite)
crevis793 years ago
one beer didn't seem like enough. its in the oven now. tried one with 2 and one with 1.5 beers.
So you add the whole bottle of beer?
It was good!
Trying it with half corona, half guiness, kinda like a black n tan beer bread if that makes any sense......this looks like a great recipe because the yeast is already in the beer and i dont have to getmy beer belly to go to the store=) thanks
pepperjordan (author)  FlatLinerMEDIC3 years ago
HA! You crack me up. How did it come out?
pepperjordan (author) 4 years ago
That's a great idea cgonser! We love dark beers so I bet we'd love it.
cgonser4 years ago
Made this and loved it, going to store for more beer. My family wants me to make more, it's really good when made with a dark lager
zieak4 years ago
Oh my. I had no idea there was that much butter in it! No wonder it's so delicious!