Step 4: BEER!

Add room temperature Belgian White Beer and mix with dry ingredients.  It will be slightly lumpy.
one beer didn't seem like enough. its in the oven now. tried one with 2 and one with 1.5 beers.
So you add the whole bottle of beer?
It was good!
Trying it with half corona, half guiness, kinda like a black n tan beer bread if that makes any sense......this looks like a great recipe because the yeast is already in the beer and i dont have to getmy beer belly to go to the store=) thanks
HA! You crack me up. How did it come out?
That's a great idea cgonser! We love dark beers so I bet we'd love it.
Made this and loved it, going to store for more beer. My family wants me to make more, it's really good when made with a dark lager
Oh my. I had no idea there was that much butter in it! No wonder it's so delicious!

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