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Introduction: Bell Pepper Rings

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A Crunchy savory way to get your veggies with a chipotle twist!

Step 1: You Will Need..

* 1 bell pepper
* 1 cup Oil
*1 tablespoon Chipotle
*1 teaspoon garlic powder
*1 teaspoon salt
*1 teaspoon chili powder
*1 teaspoon lemon pepper
*1/2 cup cornmeal
*1/2 cup flour
*1/4 cup milk
*1 egg

Step 2: Slice 'n Dice

~ Hallow bell pepper completely free of seeds and membrane

~ Carefully slice bell pepper into 1/2 inch thick rings

Step 3: Chipotle Time!!

~Combine spices with cornmeal and flour in medium bowl

~Mix egg with milk in separate medium bowl

~ Coat bell pepper ring in a layer of dry ingredients then dip in egg & milk mixture

~ Repeat 2x or until breading is thickened to your delight

Step 4: Fry 'em Up

~ Carefully place bell pepper rings into hot oil

~The rings will be ready when they look crispy & toasty brown

~Damp bell pepper rings onto a paper plate and let cool

~Serve with some delicious dipping sauce (in this case, Kansas city BBQ sauce)

~The bell pepper becomes sweet and soft.. such a delicious crunchy treat!! Enjoy :D



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looks very yummy

Years ago these were popular in Ohio, a great bell pepper State! Even before Onion Rings, then someone made Onion rings and you never saw green pepper rings again! They are so delicious I can't believe there is not a food service provider that doesn't sell these to restaurants. Great to dip in ranch sauce but I can think of some tasty newer things for dipping. Balsamic, teriyaki and olive oil would be delicious too!

I will have to try this! I like the heat! Thanks for sharing and do have a splendorous day!

I have done these with beer batter in the past the where a huge hit at my party. also used jalapenos they where also a major hit

I gotta try the jalapenos,do you just use a beer batter for those,or have you got a secret batter?

The Jalapenos end up having the same consistency as the bell peppers!! Delicious outcome.. i used a Chipotle Batter instead of Beer even though the Beer batter has a fluffy crustiness to it, the Chipotle brings the MAD flavor.
here is the tasty Chipotle recipe 

Thanks,I love em,and eat them like they were they are a side dish,but have often wondered if I might make them better.I think you just schooled me.Im diong a "T" bone and jalapenos,with my great potato wedge resipe this Monday,and will try the bell peppers next friday,as soon as I can think of a main dish for them.Thanks again for the idea and the link.

I prefer beer batter myself however use what you like this batter bean and cheese stout has listed here seems great too

Beer batter is the Best!! The Jalapeno fries are so tasty with the beer batter as well.. check out this recipe hands down my fU**ing favorite! thanks for sharing.