Step 9: Flight Test

Picture of Flight Test
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Your kite should take off in about 10mph winds. It's helpful to have a friend for getting it off the ground- stand about 30-50 feet away from one another, with the kite facing the wind. Once the sails catch the wind, the kite should soar straight up in the air very quickly. It will level off depending on the angle of how you attached the lines.

The kite is collapsible, which makes it a great urban traveler. Right before flying however, attach a few thin wood dowels across the top-most cells with wire- being careful to keep the sails spread into equal widths. The rigidity of the wood along the top is critical: without cross-bracing, your kite will fold up like an accordion and crash to the ground as fast as it went up into the air.
bucklipe6 years ago
One of the pictures I'm looking for is the middle picture on the last step. That shows the edge view from one axis. If we could get the 2 other axis views that would help. Also is the optimum "wing angle" 105 degrees? I found some wing fabric in the paint department of Wal Mart. It is a two layer drop cloth. It is paper on one side with a thin plastic bonded to it. The paper side will facilitate gluing. The plastic side will shed the air smoothly. It is 4X10 feet and costs $3.77. Not bad...

sounds good, but it also sounds heavy. i made mine out of a fireblanket from the camping department. the shiny metal blankets. it's actualy a polyester plastic, and paper thin. but it's also sturdy, and hotglue sticks to it like crazy

articice5 years ago
why do girls like kites so much?? :^) :)
bucklipe6 years ago
For those of us that are challenged in the department of spatial visualization could you post a side view that shows the stack of cells? This way we could see that you had say 4 cells on the table with 5 cells above them with 6 above them etc. Another from the front looking through the cells so we could see the cell structure clearly. Using both pictures would let us see that there were 16 wings in contact with the table with 25 above it and 36 above it. Or what ever the count is. It is a bit tough to catch the geometry with the current pictures. Thanks...
bustedit6 years ago
that looks so cool, and you guys are the cutest kiters i ever did see. it looks like a UFO in this picture, or that weird building in Spain (madrid?) that looks like a cave/apartment bldng