Bellflower Nightlight





Introduction: Bellflower Nightlight

Step 1: Materials

---------Materials that you need-------

Egg cartoon(2 different colours its up to you )
LED lights( you can find them as christmas lights)
Scissors or cutter

Step 2: Preperation

First of all you should cut the egg cartoons piece by piece as you see in the picture

Step 3: Cutting the Holes

At this step you should cut and open small holes at the back side of the cartoons that you have just cut

Step 4: Putting the Leds In

This step you should put LEDs inside the cartoons from the holes nicely.

Step 5: Conclusion

Your nighlight is ready. have a nice sleep. ;) 



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    7 Discussions

    I realized that i have missed commenting on this very nice project. Beautiful!

    How do you power it? Is it cordless?

    Very nice! Your photos are awesome- great Instructable!

    Oh wow this is gorgeous. If I was having an evening wedding, I would definitely use these as table settings!