Picture of Belt Handcuffs

How to turn an ordinary belt into a pair of handcuffs.

First, get a belt! This method of shackling will work with a "rope" belt, but for the sake of the tutorial, it is recommended that you use a belt with a buckle and a loop to take the slack.

While these cuffs are functional, they are by no means foolproof and can be slipped out of with some work. I do not recommended them for actual imprisonment purposes, but whatever else you may think of doing with them, well, I shall leave that up to you.

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Step 1: 1

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Step One: Thread the tail (non-buckle end) of the belt through the buckle. Pull it tight enough so that the resulting circle is sized accordingly to whatever you are cuffing. For the sake of this tutorial, we will call this circle the "cuff".

Step 2: 2

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Step Two: Loop the lose tail back through the belt buckle's square frame, creating an infinity symbol, or a figure eight ( 8 ). Again, size the "cuff", by pulling on the tail, to an appropriate size similar to that of the first "cuff".

Step 3: 3

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Step Three: Bring the tail around and slide it through the belt loop while making sure not to alter the size of the cuff it should now be encircling.

Step 4: 4

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Step Four: Take the tail and slide it through the square belt buckle frame. It should be parallel to the other segment of belt you slid through in step two.

Step 5: 5

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Step Five: If your belt if large, simply repeat steps three and four until all of the tail slack has been used up. Alternately, you may use the extra slack to fasten the newly made handcuffs to some other object. To tighten the handcuffs simply pull on the slack while making sure the individual cuffs remain in shape. And that's it! you have successfully made your very own pair of belt-handcuffs.

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abadfart5 years ago
works very well and leaves less marks then real handcuffs  

The first thing we teach people getting into BDSM: Handcuffs are not for playing. You should never use "real" handcuffs for anything other than photos. For restraint in play: leather restraint, rope, or if you really want to use cuffs look into some Darby Cuffs. They are not ideal, but are better.

skimmo4 years ago
i couldn't get this to work, it didn't slip properly on the tightening up?
The Smith (author)  skimmo4 years ago
Its largely dependent on the belt you are using. I'm a pretty big guy, so theres enough belt tail left over to fill the entire loop. If the loop is packed, this will cause friction, augmenting the "locking" of the cuffs. If your a small person, I suggest borrowing a larger belt. The leather material helps as well in this department. there are other factors of course, like the nature of the buckle, the size of the cuffs, etc. let me know if ive been a help at all!
yes i think, so im a big to =), i think its my belt buckle.. ill try some different ones
Cool, but you can just pull it apart...
If you were handcuffed with a belt in this manner (assuming it is tightened properly), when you pull against it you are not going to make a lot of headway in unraveling it. The reason is because of the way it is looped and then wrapped around itself. Before the lengths wrapped around your wrists could loosen (which by being tight prevents you from getting any good leverage and restricts your strength), you would have to somehow apply enough force to pull the outermost length around and through the buckle - you'd have to move it more than twice as far as you need the belt loosened around your wrist actually. It would be more likely that, given a strong man, you would break the leather of the belt before you just pull it apart.
I'll try it on a younger sibling. We'll see how it goes...
Spectrace5 years ago
cool instructable. Useful if you have someone break into your house and you catch them however, the final picture could be used to create dirty jokes :P